Article 111

TV Legend In A Lather

Richard Chamberlain

Acting legend Richard Chamberlain, who was in London recently filming a guest role in BBC1's Hustle, to be aired next spring, got hooked on British soaps during his stay.

"I've become addicted to 'Coronation Street,'" he said.

"Oh, my God, the drama! I'm hooked on the love triangle with Danny, Leanne and Frankie. The scene where Frankie found out from Danny that he's been sleeping with his son's girlfriend, I thought the actors were both stupendously good. Debra Stephenson, who plays Frankie, is amazing - and gorgeous."

"I'm really going to miss it when I go home. I love British drama."

Richard, best known as Dr. Kildare and for "The Thorn Birds," has been looking forward to playing alongside Robert Vaughn in "Hustle."

"I knew him before, so it was great to catch up with him," said Richard, who made sure he was back to his hotel room in time for Corrie…