Article 118

Guess who's going to guest-star in the new series of Hustle?

Only The Thorn Birds' Richard Chamberlain.

The gig reunited him with his old mucker Robert Vaughn, with whom he starred in 1974 hit movie The Towering Inferno. But they weren't really pals - until now.

Richard, who plays the new grifter in town, tells us: "Our paths didn't cross again for decades until we filmed Hustle, where, at long last, we had time in between scenes to get to know each other.

"Along with being uncommonly intelligent, well-read, slyly humorous, and full of fascinating showbiz stories, Robert is a supremely professional actor.

He plays complex Albert with astonishingly effortless charm and accuracy.

"I've always admired his acting. Now it is a welcome bonus to count him as a friend." Blimey...