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Heartthrob Richard Chamberlain has been living for some time in Hawaii. He still receives letters from Germany

"I read all the love letters"

He has not been forgotten. 24 years after the Thorn Birds "Father Ralph" is still very much present in his fans hearts. Richard Chamberlain (72) likes to remember his most important part as a nice priest. "These were highly exciting times for me" says the heartthrob. Back then he received every month 15 000 letters! Even today the actor still receives lots of mail, mostly from Germany. Although there are no longer as many letters as in the heyday of his career each one of them makes the much loved star very happy. He confesses: "I read all the love letters".

Richard Chamberlain has been working in front of the camera for almost 50 years. Professional success is no longer the most important thing in his life though. The former heartthrob withdrew a few years ago to Hawaii. "I continue making films and series, but when I am not working my private life comes first", he acknowledges.

Painting gives him strength and a firm stand.

The star affords himself another luxury: time. "I don't make long term plans anymore" he says. My days used to be programmed two years in advance. Now I only book the most important engagements. "I am really enjoying life" he admits with a charming smile.

Richard Chamberlain loves to paint and enjoys picking up his brushes. "Painting gives me strength and a firm stand, it gives me peace" says the artist. This peace is his fountain of youth. He looks hardly older, eating healthy and spending a lot of time outdoors have also something to do with it. And being still successful as a painter, singer and author keeps him young.

Yet Richard Chamberlain is and remains foremost an actor. He wants to continue working as long as he is offered parts which do not require to change his looks through an operation. "I will not let anyone take my wrinkles away" he says with determination. "They are proof that I have lived".

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