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Welcome To My Paradise!

Richard Chamberlain
The lunch menu: vegetables or meat soup and a glass of wine
Richard is very proud of the chic Hawaiian wicker suite of the living room
Taking care of the garden is one of the actor's passions. He enjoys the exuberance of the flowers in Hawaii

If, in order to describe a place on our planet, the word "paradise" justifiably applies it is precisely to Maui, a South Pacific Island belonging to the Hawaiian archipelago. This is where heart-throb Richard Chamberlain (73, "The Thorn Birds", "Shogun") has retired with some friends. Three years were necessary to build a "housing community" explains a radiant Richard. "We all live in our own house yet at the same time in the community. We can talk, help one another but also close the door."

The actor is especially proud of the house decoration. "I picked out everything myself and its place in the house. For example Hawaiian wicker chairs coordinate harmoniously with cabinets and tables in African colonial style. The kitchen is very big and has several worktops. I like to cook here for my friends" says Richard who before starting his career as an actor studied art and interior design.

Richard has been living and working for more than 30 years with Martin Rabbett. The film producer has relieved him from some obligations by being his manager and by dealing with professional matters. "These are important too" laughs Richard who admits "I rather prefer the pleasant things of life. I would often leave the real issues unsolved and would sink into chaos."

Every day Richard swims in the big community pool. A walk on the beach along the Pacific Ocean is planned at least three times a week. That is why he says contentedly: "Maui is a paradise where I am very happy - you tell that my friends in Germany."

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