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Heartthrob Richard Chamberlain My Happy Life With A Man

For the first time he reveals intimate details

With incomparable charm Richard Chamberlain (73) captured the heart of the most gorgeous actresses on the TV screen - and of his fans watching him comfortably in their sitting rooms. For many years though there had been a persisting rumor that the heartthrob was in his private life attracted to men. If some women still entertained hopes, these are now gone forever. The actor himself confirmed for the first time in a candid interview that he loves a man: "I have been living for the last 31 years with my partner in Hawaii".

"I feel free and relieved"

The actor met Martin Rabbett who is 20 years his junior while acting in the same play. "Martin was a singer and a dancer. By contrast with me he made it no secret that he was gay" says Richard Chamberlain who had always feared that his secret might be discovered: "In the 40s and 50s being gay was worse than being a crook or a criminal. Fortunately the world has now become more tolerant. When I acknowledged my sexuality it was as if an angel had spread his wings over my head and freed me from my fears. Since then I feel free and relieved".

However he has not exclusively loved men during his whole life. "My first sexual experience was with a Japanese waitress. At college I also had two wonderful girlfriends. Back then I was like everybody else, we went for walks holding hands, we kissed, we necked on the back seat of a car" recalls the 73 years old.

Later it was never a problem for him to kiss women in his films. "I am a great kisser. With Rachel Ward everything went smoothly during the filming of the Thorn Birds. She is glamorous. I love women, but I do not want to marry one".

He would have liked to marry Martin though: "Matrimony warrants rights to one's partner. In the United States and in Hawaii in particular where we live this is not possible. That is why we invited our friends to a ceremony during which we exchanged rings." Martin and Richard are happy even without an official marriage licence.

I always looked younger, until...

"People are always curious to know how we managed to stay together for so long. Most of our friends are separated or divorced. Our secret lies in the fact that we did a lot of growing up together and we have been faithful to one another". Until now there have been no problems due to the difference in years. "I looked younger than I really was until I was 60" confesses Chamberlain. "It is now over but it was a slow process..."

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