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Classic Actor Richard Chamberlain Talks Obama, New Film

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Classic actor Richard Chamberlain, who has starred in films like "The Three Musketeers", "The Count of Monte Cristo" and as the original Jason Bourne in the 1998 TV movie "The Bourne Identity", was on hand for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival's red carpet for the premiere of his film "Strength & Honor".

His latest film pairs him with Michael Madsen ("Kill Bill") in a story about a boxer who retired after killing a friend in the ring returns to fight for the first time in order to fund his child's life-saving operation. "It's a great film," Chamberlain said. "Thrilling and exciting, at the same time."

His last film appearance was as Council Banks in 2007's "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry", with Adam Sandler. He called the film "curious" and didn't want to elaborate much more on that.

But when asked about the results of this past Tuesday's election, Chamberlain said "I'm the happiest person in the world. Second to Oprah, maybe. I am so happy. I think Obama was terrific on Tuesday night and I think he's going to change the whole tenor of many things in this country."

The Musketeer also had some not-so-kind words for Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin: "I don't like her, I don't trust her, and I hope she goes back to wherever she came from."

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