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The joke is on Richard Chamberlain's King Arthur in "Spamalot"

Asked if critics or fans find it odd to see Chamberlain play a more rare comedic role in "Spamalot," he says it is not the first time that people have underestimated his acting skills.

"I have found that throughout my career. They will say, 'Oh, he canact! He has stage presence!" Chamberlain says. "When I did the 1998 TV movie 'The Bourne Identity,' they said, 'Wow, he canact tough!' People are always surprised.

"With 'Kildare,' I was thought of as a young pretty-boy, a light-weight, even though I did pretty good work."

The work earned Chamberlain a Golden Globe for Best TV Actor in 1963.

When not performing, Chamberlain lives in Hawaii and loves painting. Some of his work is available for purchase at

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