Article 157

"Spamalot" lifts spirits

So how funny is "Spamalot," now playing at Detroit's Fisher Theater?

Put it this way: I was in the worst of all possible moods when I arrived at the theater, but by the time the second act started I had forgotten all about whatever it was that was bothering me and was laughing like a madman, along with the rest of the audience.

The musical, lovingly ripped off from the film classic "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," tells the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they embark on their sacred quest.

For those of you wondering how Richard Chamberlain did as King Arthur, rest assured that age has not slowed ole Dr. Kildare down in the slightest. And he sounded great.

"Spamalot" only runs through Sunday, so hurry and get your tickets. There were lots of empty seats last Saturday night (blame the economy, not the show), so there probably lots of good seats left.

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