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Women still cheer Richard Chamberlain, the star of "The Thorn Birds", who celebrated his 75th birthday

Richard Chamberlain

His hair has turned grey but his venturesome spirit still flashes in his eyes and his smile is as charming as ever. Time has been gracious to Richard Chamberlain who played Father Ralph in the world success "The Thorn Birds" He does not look 75 years old at all. Although the actor only takes up now and then film and stage roles, the heartthrob still has many fans. Not only does the star receive numerous fan mail every day but, as Richard Chamberlain himself admits with a wink of the eye, "some fans wait at my gate for up to six weeks and they cheer when I drive out of the house with my car". Richard Chamberlain feels honoured of course and admits truthfully that the reason why he became an actor was his need for love - a love he lacked during his youth when he suffered terribly from the fact that his father was an alcoholic while acknowledging at the same time that "applause cannot give what the soul searches". In the meantime he has found peace and simply enjoys the quietude in his house on the beach and his spiritual studies.

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