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Obsessive Love

How many of your readers, I ask have experienced the pleasure of a re-kindled passion, only to find that it is stronger than before.

Having recently retired from the National Health Service and a career spanning 43 years I found myself at a loss for something to do on a dark January afternoon in the cold winter of 09/10. Flicking through the channels I found that wonderful mini-series The Thorn Birds was being repeated on CBS Drama.Immediately I was transported back to the early 80,s when we were treated to the enjoyment of the gorgeous Richard Chamberlain as Father De Bricassat.His chizzled features and velvety voice once more had me in a dither. This latest obsession led me fast tracked to the computer to find out all I could about him.

The various sites, of which there are many describe the mini-series of Dr. Kildare, 1961, Shogun 1980 and the Thorn Birds made in 1983.

Richard Chamberlain spent a few years in England to help develop a stage career, where he appeared in the Madwomen of Chaillot 1969 and Ken Russels The Music Lovers in 1971 in which he played the part of Tchaikovsky.

His memoir Shattered Love was the book where at the age of 68 he publicly acknowledged that he was gay. This book is intensely readable as it describes the trauma of being a male romantic lead and unable to reveal the truth about your sexuality, especially in the 60's when he first came to fame. Love, self-worth and spirituality are also a constant theme throughout the storyline.

Starry eyed and driven to find and absorb as much as possible about Richard, I purchased the DVD's of all the series and bought any book having a connection to him.

I have tried hard to analyse this newly found obsession, without much success. Maybe it is born from boredom or perhaps memories of an earlier eccentricity. Whatever the reason I think it remains a harmless and pleasurable pre-occupation. And if any ladies reading this feel the same way as me, his carreer is once again taking off.

© 2010 Joy Gerken

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