Article 188

Coming (sometime) attraction
(April 2012)

Richard Chamberlain and Kathleen Turner's "The Perfect Family” opens Friday.

Understand, the rule is, a star does p.r. to hype his new film. Goes on talk shows, burbles to reporters. It's a given. So I talk to Richard Chamberlain, who we all loved in "Shogun” and "The Thornbirds.” So he says:

"I'm doing a legit show now, 'The Heiress,' in Pasadena. It's wonderful. I love doing theater. It'll probably open this fall on Broadway. I'd adore to do a stage play in New York, but I think they've already hired somebody else.

"After this it's another play, 'The Exorcist,' in LA at the David Geffen. Rehearsals begin June 6th. Also heading for Broadway, but I think they already signed Malcolm McDowell for the part. Listen, even if I'm between jobs I don't have to worry. I don't need to work. I've worked enough.”

Yeah, Richard, but you're talking stage in California, and I'm talking film in New York. What about your movie?

"Oh . . . yes . . . that . . . Kathleen plays a devout Catholic, busy with her religion, only trying to hide her past. Her family's not perfect. I'm the priest nominating her for a position in the church. But I bring a monsignor to visit and find her son, daughter and a lesbian girlfriend all upstairs at the same time.

"I worried. I thought Kathleen's a volcano, but she's great. So nice.

"As for life itself, you know I lived in Hawaii, paradise, for 32 years. But I sold it. Back to LA. I longed for action. Seems in Hawaii you long for LA. In LA you long for New York.

"I rented a simple apartment. No plants to water, no dogs to walk. Just close the door. And have simple friends — real estate people, therapists — I don't power around with actors.”

When does your movie open?

"Ohhh . . . I don't know . . . soon . . . "

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