Article 58

Snow Joke For Richard

Top telly star Richard Chamberlain is taking the first train out of town -to get away from the sudden snowstorms.

The former Dr. Kildare reckons heís got just the prescription for the winter weather -after almost freezing to death in a real-life drama.

"I hate snow and ice," he says.

"The only answer is to get away from it as fast as you can. Thatís what Iím doing."

"It all stems from the day I was making a TV movie about the explorers involved in the race to the North Pole.

"We were filming in a blizzard off the coast of Greenland when the ice-floe we were standing on suddenly cracked like an explosion and started breaking up."

"We were all scared to death. We had visions of being hurled into the freezing water or crushed by the ice."

After a terrifying five hours, the snow stopped falling and a chopper pilot managed to get close enough to the film crew to drop a rope ladder.

"Just donít let me see any more snow," he says -and casts an anxious glance at the sky.