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JR Hires Dr. Kildare For £70,000 A Show

TV hunk Richard Chamberlain has been hired to boost sagging soap Dallas in a deal worthy of olí JR himself -he will get over £800,000 for his role, it was revealed last night.

Heart-throb Chamberlain, who first starred as dreamy Dr. Kildare in the top Sixties series will earn a staggering £70,000 an episode.

But bachelor Chamberlain, 53, will skip making house calls on the Ewings at Southfork -he has agreed to join Dallas on the condition he is NOT cast as another doctor for the 13 episode-show.

He is the latest big-name signing by executive producer Larry Hagman, who plays JR, in the American soapís rating war against Dynasty.

Charmer Chamberlain has become the master of the mini-series in recent years, starring in telly hits The Thorn Birds and Shogun.

A Dallas insider said: "We hope Richard will give the show added sex appeal."

And scriptwriters have dished up more amazing plotlines -JR, shot by Sue Ellen at the end of the last series, LIVES. But he ends up in jail after being caught out in a shady deal.