Article 89

TV's Doctor Kildare and his pal share a home
(October 15, 1989)

Hollywood hunk Richard Chamberlain is building a dream home in Hawaii with the handsome male co-producer of his blockbuster TV series.

Chamberlain and longtime pal and business associate Martin Rabbett have chosen an idyllic mountain-top spot for their magnificent 3.7m mansion.

They own the property jointly, on a fifty-fifty basis.

Dr. Kildare star Chamberlain and Rabbett are currently sharing the superstar's secluded beach house on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, while they film the new television series, Island Son.

In the series, Chamberlain once again puts on his medical robes, this time to play a doctor in a Honolulu hospital.

He and Rabbett were previously the co-owners of Chamberlain's Japanese style house in Beverly Hills.

They sold it earlier this year after Chamberlain decided to quit California and make his home permanently on Oahu.

The beach house they now share was bought by Chamberlain 12 years ago and was intended to be used as a weekend getaway.

The new dream home is much grander and will feature vaulted ceilings and a stairway, next to a wall of glass.

Richard met Rabbett while he was filming the blockbuster TV series Thorn Birds in the early Eighties.

They also worked on the film Quartermain, in which Rabbett starred alongside Chamberlain.

And they were together again in the movie Solomon's Mines.

The two have few visitors to their home and the only car usually parked outside is one from the Island Son production company dropping off revised scripts.

But tranquillity has recently been shattered by a menacing shanty town which has sprung up outside their home.

"The people down there are selling crack, cocaine and everything else right on the street and on the beach" said a worried neighbour.

"Richard and Martin are in a hurry to get out of here. Police cars with sirens screaming are racing up and down the highway all night long."

"Everyone around here is afraid for their lives and I know they are, too."

On days off, Richard and Martin often drive up the mountain to see how work on their dream house is progressing.

A worker on the site said: "Richard Chamberlain is obviously very concerned about all the details."

"But it's the Martin fellow who gives the orders. He knows exactly what he wants and he won't hesitate to order the whole thing changed if it's not exactly right."

A spokesman for Chamberlain said: "Richard and Martin have had a business association for several years."

"They are involved in several joint ventures, including property."

"Richard is now enjoying great success with his new show. He is in great shape."