Dr. Kildare Episode Guide

Season 1

1. Twenty-Four Hours
First aired: 9/28/1961
Guest stars: Carol Rossen (Dr. Emmy Lorfield), Beverly Garland (Julia Dressard), Gina Gillespie, Jack Weston (Dr. Justin Muntag)
Dr. Kildare is trying to win a residency under Dr. Gillespie and hopes to impress the consultant with his handling of an alcoholic patient.

2. Immunity
First aired: 10/5/1961
Guest stars: Naomi Stevens (Aunt Kasia), Charles H. Radilak (Wolski), William Fawcett (Cox), Gail Kobe (Dr. Anne Warner), Sándor Szabó (Gorski), Sylvia Daneel (Antonia), Ted Knight (Henryk)
Kildare acts to prevent a smallpox epidemic when an elderly Polish immigrant is found to be suffering from the dreaded disease.

3. Shining Image
First aired: 10/12/1961
Guest stars: Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Suzanne Pleshette (Julie Lawler), Edward Andrews (Arthur Penmore), John Fiedler (Father Hughes), George Kane (Bill Olsen), Mavis Neal Palmer (Mrs. Penmore), Gary Judis (Dr. Vincent), Sammy Reese (Dr. Dan Shanks)
Julie Lawler, a beautiful and fun-loving young woman, suffers a sudden respiratory attack and is brought to Blair Hospital.

4. Winter Harvest
First aired: 10/19/1961
Guest stars: Hayden Rorke (Dr. Norman Hackett), Sandy Kenyon (Dr. Galdi), Gavin MacLeod (Lorenzo Lawson Jr.), Herschel Bernardi (Pico), Charles Bickford (Dr. Charles Dubro), Noam Pitlik (Anesthetist), Fredd Wayne (Salesman)
Dr. Dubro's health comes into play when worries arise whether he can handle heart surgery or not.

5. The Million Dollar Property
First aired: 10/26/1961
Guest stars: Joby Baker (Jerry House), Cathleen Nesbitt (Louise Humber), Evelyn Ward (Margaret Vale), Jan Murray (Kenny Hallerton), Anne Francis (Kathy Steffens), Tony Monaco (Vance), Sammy Reese (Dr. Shank)
There's excitement around Blair Hospital when actress Kathy Steffens is admitted as a patient, but Kildare is not among her fans. He particularly dislikes Kathy's visitors - a clan of Hollywood cut-ups who call themselves the Pride of Lions.

6. Admitting Service
First aired: 11/2/1961
Guest stars: Robert B. Williams (Louis Parker), William Shatner (Toby Cunningham M.D.), Amy Fields (Jane Cavanaugh), Elizabeth Perry (Betty Alcott), Gertrude Flynn (Eleanor Quayle), Gloria Talbott (Jerry Cunningham), Helena Nash (Pauline Fyth)
Louis Parker, who suffered a fainting spell in a taxicab, is given a quick examination by Dr. Toby Cunningham and released. Later, Parker dies - and his family threatens to sue for malpractice.

7. The Lonely Ones
First aired: 11/9/1961
Guest stars: Howard Caine (Cook), Linda Watkins (Mrs. Keeler), Robert P. Lieb (Stephen Kildare M.D.), Katherine Squire (Mrs. Kildare), Ford Rainey (Andy Meadows M.D.), Carolyn Kearney (Martha Keeler), Dick York (Harry Benton)
Kildare is overworked and upset over the death of a street person who was dumped off in the E.R. of Blair. Gillespe gives him a weekend off to go home to his parents and make sure that he wants to be a resident at a big city hospital like Blair. While driving home he stops for gas and a soda. There is a small motel there. He sees a girl that he grew up with in a room with some guy. He goes home, sees mom and dad and his friend Harry(Dick York) stops by to announce his engagement to be married. It happens to be the girl that Kildare saw in the motel. She starts acting strange, gets sick and Kildare goes to her house to check her out. He finds needle marks all over her arm. She has been shooting heroin with the guy in the motel. He cant tell Harry because of patient confidentiality. She finally breaks the bad news, Harry doesnt want to marry her now. Kildare convinces her to come back to Blair and get drug rehab. help. She does and Kildare learns that small towns like his have the same people with problems just like big city hospitals.

8. Holiday Weekend
First aired: 11/16/1961
Guest stars: Lew Gallo (Ned Rand M.D.), Donald Randolph (John Grosseto M.D.), John Marley (Xavier Miller M.D.), Edward Binns (Ben Laney), Dick Sargent (Paul Willis), Pamela Duncan (Dorothy), Dabbs Greer (Mr. Willis)
An intern at Blair hospital is near death after a Thanksgiving day car accident.

9. The Patient
First aired: 11/23/1961
Guest stars: Frank Killmond (Stew Haring), Jean Stapleton, Jenny Maxwell (Anna Lee Novotny RN), Noah Keen (Leland Laughlin M.D.), Guy Raymond (Kelsey)
Dr. Kildare trips over a cart while looking at a cute nurses aide and hurts his back. He gets hospitalized in Blair in a ward with several different characters. He slowly becomes friends with them all and ends up liking them and givies advise on their problems. Very good episode.

10. For The Living
First aired: 11/30/1961
Guest star: Tom Greenway (Ben Rainey), Ann Shoemaker (Miss Baxter), Peter Helm (Tommy Rainey), Beatrice Straight (Pamela Rainey), Charles McGraw (Fred Rainey)
It's been ten days since Ben Rainey suffered a head injury and went into a coma, and Dr. Gillespie says there's little chance that he'll regain consciousness. But Rainey's wife Pamela is sure he is improving - and insists on taking him home.

11. Second Chance
First aired: 12/7/1961
Guest stars: Barry Gordon (Billy), Ellen Burstyn (Anne), Ross Martin (Mitchell)
A promising surgeon suffers an incurable creeping paralysis.

12. Hit And Run
First aired: 12/14/1961
Guest stars: Della Sharman (Betty Johnson R.N.), Paul Bryar (Benton), Michael McGreevey (Tommy Adams), Roger Mobley (Jamie Carrol), Dick Foran (Paul Adams), Richard Kiley (Fred Carroll), Edward Platt (Dr. Tom Paulson)
Fred Carroll, a widower becomes extremely protective of his son after a hit and run.

13. Season To Be Jolly
First aired: 12/21/1961
Guest stars: Hayden Rorke (Hackett) , Dan O'Herlihy
During the Christmas holiday, a modern-day Scrooge is brought to Blair after losing a bout with the bottle.

14. Johnny Temple
First aired: 12/28/1961
Guest stars: Laurence Haddon (Dr. Galmeir), Della Sharman (Nurse Betty Johnson), Karl Weber (Dr. E. David Golden), Virginia Gregg (Grace Temple), Doug Lambert (Johnny Temple), Peter Whitney (Carl Temple)
Johnny Temple is a teenage boy who is fixated on knives and is mentally disturbed. He is stabbed in a rumble and admitted to Blair. He plays nasty mind games with everyone, is mean and threatening to other patients. His father is a big, caustic obnoxious man who has the attitude "not my kid". Kildare and Gillespe want to have the kid committed to a psych hospital....daddy says NO. They end up committing him....the father realizes that HIS kid started the knife fight and took a knife from the father's collection. Not a bad episode.....they frequently use the term "psycoanalyssis"....wich was new in the early 60's.

15. My Brother, The Doctor
First aired: 1/4/1962
Guest stars: Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Penny Santon (Ruth Agurski), Alex Gerry (Arthur Agurski), Mary La Roche (Judy), Herschel Bernardi (Nathan Agurski)
In a sudden turnabout, intern Simon Agurski refuses to let his brother continue supporting him.

16. The Adminstrator
First aired: 1/11/1962
Guest stars: Dorothy Malone (Rena Ladovan), Joseph Cotten (Charles Ladovan), Edmon Ryan (Bill Revere), Stafford Repp (Eddie Boykin), Edgar Buchanan (Steve Devitt)
A fight ensues when a hospital administrator fires a city appointee.

17. Oh My Daughter
First aired: 1/25/1962
Guest stars: Helen Wallace (Dr. Johns), Alan Hewitt (Dr. Ivan Erickson), Victor Jory (Dr. Oscar Whalen), Michael Evans (Charles LeFevre), Dina Merrill (Evelyn LeFevre)
Dr. Gillespie tries to determine the reason for his daughter's hysterical reaction to the news that she is pregnant.

18. The Search
First aired: 2/1/1962
Guest stars: George Mathews (Ryson), Pippa Scott (Elizabeth), Jeremy Slate (Dr. Anthony Tredman)
Kildare and Dr. Anthony Tredman race against time to prevent a mass outbreak of food poisoning.

19. The Glory Hunter
First aired: 2/8/1962
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Ned Lacey), Connie Sawyer (Gladys), Max Showalter (Ben Ballard), Miriam Colon (Rani Stewart), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Tony Stewart), Arte Johnson (Bud Fowler), Cliff Norton (Joe Gatson)
Dr. Stewart's efforts to raise funds are hampered by a reporter determined to prove that Stewart is a phony.

20. The Dragon
First aired: 2/15/1962
Guest stars: Elizabeth Perry (Nurse Betty Alcott), John Bleifer (Zogic), Jack Albertson (Cary Fain), Scott Marlowe (Dr. Eddie Moore), Margaret O'Brien (Nurse Lori Palmer)
Head nurse Fain is confronted by the shiftless husband who deserted her 17 years before.

21. The Stepping Stone
First aired: 2/22/1962
Guest stars: Eduardo Ciannelli (Delvecchio), Joseph Schildkraut (Max Keller)
A poverty-stricken medical research pioneer is thrust back into the public eye after being admitted to Blair.

22. The Bronc Buster
First aired: 3/1/1962
Guest stars: Jennie Lynn (Arinelle), Della Sharman (Nurse Johnson), Laurence Haddon (Dr. Galmeir), Bill Mumy (Jeffrey), Ricky Kelman (Buddy), Hope Summers (Madge), Arch Johnson (Lucky Elcott)
Kildare tries to help his rowdy cousin adjust to urban life and overcome a potentially disabling case of arthritis.

23. The Witch Doctor
First aired: 3/8/1962
Guest stars: Lew Gallo (Rand), William Schallert (Inspector), Pat Hingle (Jason), Joan Hackett (Karen)
Kildare and Gillespie struggle to free a critically ill young woman from the clutches of a quack doctor.

24. The Roaring Boy-O
First aired: 3/15/1962
Guest stars: Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Fay Spain (Sally Winters), Dan O'Herlihy (Johnny McHenry)
Irish poet Johnny McHenry is entertaining his lady friend Sally Winters at one of the local saloons with liberal servings of bubbly and readings from his own heady verse. The prognosis is not good for the has-been poet, his time is almost up.

25. Solomon's Choice
First aired: 3/29/1962
Guest stars: Corey Allen (Pine), William Schallert (Scola), Collin Wilcox (Winona), Barbara Baxley (Kitty)
Kildare's tour of duty in the obstetrics ward is complicated by two women with very different attitudes toward their babies.

26. A Very Present Help
First aired: 4/5/1962
Guest stars: Glynis Johns (Sister Brigid Marie), Pat Crowley (Janet Parker), William Leslie (Dick Parker), James Maloney (Paddy Delaney), Nora Marlowe (Mamie Delaney), Lew Gallo (Dr. Philip Leland), Susan Petrone (Miriam), Helen Wallace (Lucy Weber R.N.), Charity Grace (Mrs. Gerard), Russell Thorson (Father Ryan)
Glynis Johns plays a nun who gets admitted to Blair because she has gallstones and needs an operation. She gets involved in some of the patient's lives and problems, tries to help and is scolded by Kildare before he apologizes and realizes how good she really is. The episode is too long and deep to explain in words, BUT, it is one of the very best that they ever produced. An A plus for this show.

27. One For The Road
First aired: 4/12/1962
Guest stars: Lee Marvin (Dr. Paul Probeck), William Mims (Arthur Henderson), Cliff Osmond (Dr. Alton McKendrick), Charles Aidman (James Grady), Paul Carr (John Doe)
Dr. Paul Probeck is a recovering alcoholic and starts a rehabilitation program at Blair Hospital.

28. The Horn Of Plenty
First aired: 4/19/1962
Guest stars: Philip Bourneuf (George Prentiss), Sandy Kenyon (Dr. William Galdi), Steven Geray (Frank Chernak), Julie Adams (Ginny Nelson), Lloyd Bochner (Dr. Harry Nelson), Elen Willard (Joan Prentiss), Charles Alvin Bell (Dr. William Coombs), Raymond Bailey (Dr. John Wagner)
Kildare comes under fire when he refuses to give preferential treatment to wealthy George Prentiss.

29. The Chemistry Of Anger
First aired: 4/26/1962
Guest stars: James Callahan (Dr. Yates Atkinson), Frederick Downs (Robert Collins), Elizabeth MacRae (Carrie Palmer R.N.), Richard Benjamin (Adam Barstow), Bert Remsen (Dr. Tom Belmanno), Rip Torn (Dr. Nicholas Keefe), Doris Kemper (Mattie Collins), Joyce Van Patten (Julie Belmanno)
Kildare clashes with his brilliant, but ruthless, mentor, Dr. Nicholas Keefe.

30. Something Of Importance
First aired: 5/3/1962
Guest stars: Adrienne Marden (Barbara), Jack Donner (Martin), Ivan Dixon (Staples), George Voskovec (Dr. Charles Hodiak)
Kildare joins Dr. Charles Hodiak in a race against a rival team to find a cure for a rare blood disease.

31. A Distant Thunder
First aired: 5/10/1962
Guest stars: Dean Jagger (Lt. Gen. John Sparrow), Lisabeth Hush (Maya Lajos R.N.), Nellie Burt (Mrs. Lee), Michael Constantine (Dr. Ernest Miller), Alexander Lockwood (Mr. Lee), Robert Winston (Army Corporal)
The gala atmosphere of an amusement park is disturbed by the stumbling behavior of a man whose mumbled speech contains only one coherent remark: The man says he is Lt. Gen. John Sparrow of the U.S. Army. Elderly war hero, Lt Gen John Sparrow is admitted for malnutrition. A very potient story of mistreatment of the elderly.

32. The Road To The Heart
First aired: 5/17/1962
Guest stars: Madge Blake (Miss Phipps), Joanne Linville (Mother), Rory O'Brien (Tad)
A deaf boy's overprotective mother refuses to allow an operation that may restore her son's hearing.

33. Operation Lazarus
First aired: 5/24/1962
Guest stars: Sidney Blackmer (Carl Ames Lantzinge), Mary Astor (Martha Lantzinge), Bert Freed (Dr. Donald White), Jean Allison (Dorothy Karas), Joan Tompkins (Emma Miller), Steve Franken (Freddie Binns), Lauren Gilbert
At the state mental hospital, Kildare recognizes one of the patients as leading bone specialist Carl Ames Lantzinge.

Season 2

34. Gravida One
First aired: 9/27/1962
Guest stars: Patricia Barry, Otto Kruger (Louis Conrad), Ruth McDevitt (Adele Fromm R.N.), Robert Brubaker (Dr. John Connor), Stanley Adams (Dr. Alexander Choates), Brenda Scott (Francine Bell R.N.), Patience Cleveland (Jackie Barnett), Stanja Lowe (Patricia Knox R.N.)
With the help and emotional support, Dr. Kildare helps a severly neglected older woman, Doris Manning, give birth to her first child.

35. The Burning Sky
First aired: 10/4/1962
Guest stars: Robert Redford (Mark Hadley), Carroll O'Connor (Roy Drummond), Stephen Joyce (Jack Willis), Eddy Waller (Dr. Millard Eakins), Harriet Day (Ellen Gates), James Griffith (Sims), Lyle Fox (Jensen), James Gavin (Helicopter Pilot)
Cocky medical student, Mark Hadley cracks under the pressure of treating forest-fire victims.

36. The Visitors
First aired: 10/11/1962
Guest stars: John Cassavetes (Makim Saund), Theodore Bikel (Dr. Mahamel Homatka), John Anderson (Vernon Hackett), Patricia Hutson (Marie Hackett), Abraham Sofaer (Shahzi Saund), David Lewis (Dr. Robert Conely), Gina Gillespie (Little Girl), Russ Bender (Government Man)
Makim Saund, heir to the throne of a Communist-influenced country, is stricken with a brain tumor while in the United States. Makim's personal physician, a Communist, insists on taking the case out of Kildare's hands - until a cure seems unlikely.

37. The Mask Makers
First aired: 10/18/1962
Guest stars: Carolyn Jones (Evy Schaller), Warren Kemmerling (Dr. Norman Hutchens), Mike Kellin (Larry Phalen), Lonnie Blackman (Martha), Anne Barton (Mrs. Carney), Reba Waters (Sally), Chuck Winters (Ralph), Nancy Reynolds (Sally's mother), Peter Miller (Alfred)
Carolyn Jones plays the part of a girl born with an big, odd shaped nose and who is used to being teased and made fun of. Kildare dates her and convinces her to have plastic surgery to remedy the problem. She goes ahead and has the surgery. Later on she cannot get accustomed to having a normal looking face, tries to kill herself and Kildare feels responsible. C. Jones has spent so many years with her imperfection that she cannot get used to the fact that she is normal looking, she was used to making light of herself as a defense mechanism.

38. Guest Appearance
First aired: 10/25/1962
Guest stars: Jack Carter (Ted Galahad), Georgann Johnson (Debby Lawton), James Callahan (Dr. Atkinson), Mark Murray (Terry Gallahad), Bernard Kates (TV Director), Bert Remsen
Jack Carter plays an arrogant, sarcastic, smooth operating T.V. talk show host. His young son is hurt in an accident, Kildare shows up with the ambulance, the boy later dies , Carter blames Kildare and belittles him on the T.V. show. Finally Gillespe goes on the show and defends Kildare using Carters own words, thus making him eat every word he said and he apologizes for all. As tough as Carter thinks he is, Gillespe eats him up for lunch on the show. Decent episode, very predictable though.

39. Hastings' Farewell
First aired: 11/1/1962
Guest stars: Norman Welch (Baker), Betty Bronson (Wilma), Joe Trapaso (Mike), Harry Guardino (Hastings), Beverly Garland (Mrs. Hastings)
Kildare tries to prevent a woman from having her physically impaired husband committed to a sanitarium.

40. Breakdown
First aired: 11/8/1962
Guest star: Larry Parks (Dr. Steven Waller), Inga Swenson (Paula Waller), Ellen Corby (Miss Hallie Ainsley), Norman Alden (Bernie), Monte Burkhart (Overweight Intern), Leslie Barrington (Tommy)
A brilliant but paranoiac doctor fears that Kildare is out to destroy him.

41. The Cobweb Chain
First aired: 11/15/1962
Guest stars: Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Gitlin), Steven Hill (Dr. Chandra Ramid), Miriam Colon (Pilar), Joey Faye (Cab Driver), Clara Ray (Barbara)
After enduring racial slurs, Dr. Ramid reaches his breaking point with the insensivity of his fellow cohorts.

42. The Soul Killer
First aired: 11/22/1962
Guest stars: Carol Anderson (Nurse Chase), Suzanne Pleshette (Cathy Benjamin), Eileen Heckart (Jenny Freesmith), Bill Bixby (Dr. Grant), Alan Reed Jr (Dr. Kessler), Barbara Parkins (Annie), Ellen Attenbury (Nurse Adams)
Former drug addict Jenny Freesmith takes action when she observes symptoms of addiction in fellow nurse Kathy Benjamin.

43. An Ancient Office
First aired: 12/6/1962
Guest stars: Ed Begley (Henry Harris), Irene Hervey (Martha Kildare), Henderson Forsythe (Dr. Stephen Kildare), Peggy Wood (Katie Harris), Dick Davalos (Gordon), Claudia Bryar (Elsie), William Quinn (II) (Mr. O'Connor), Joan Freeman (Ellen)
Kildare challenges a small-town coroner's ruling that a baby died of suffocation.

44. The Legacy
First aired: 12/13/1962
Guest stars: James Callahan (Dr. Yates Atkinson), Olympia Dukakis (Anna Nieves), Mario Alcaide (Luis Nieves), Charles Macaulay (Jameson Black), Rudy Corella (Pablo Nieves), Linda Bennett (Miss Kyle), Lola Lynch (Nurse Hanley), Marty Mason (Willie), Henry Beckman (Salesman), John Matthews (Policeman), Robert Ball (Newsdealer), Frank Killmond (Dr. Brown), Sam Weston (Max)
Kildare balks at revealing the nature of an accident victim's death for fear that the man's widow will be deprived of a cash award.

45. The Bed I've Made
First aired: 12/20/1962
Guest stars: Claire Trevor (Veronica Johnson), Dan Tobin (Jonesy), Madge Blake (Nurse Phipps), Harriet MacGibbon (Miss O'Connor), Grandon Rhodes (Dr. Evans), Jackie Joseph (Ellie Carol), Robert Warwick (Dr. Bromley), Ida Mae McKenzie (Esther), Frank Mahoney (Young Intern), Ruth Phillips (Veronica's Secretary), Charles Breen (Medical Student)
Rumors of romance spread when Dr. Gillespie takes more than a professional interest in new head nurse Veronica Johnson.

46. A Time For Every Purpose
First aired: 12/27/1962
Guest stars: Murray Hamilton (Mattern), Betty Field (Mother), Judee Morton (Millie), Frank Mahony (Sandler), Richard Eyer (Bob) A distraught mother burdens her teen-age daughter with fears that the girl's loss of an eye will ruin her chances to marry.

47. Love Is A Sad Song
First aired: 1/3/1963
Guest stars: James Callahan (Dr. Yates Atkinson), Clegg Hoyt (Mac) , Diana Hyland (Dr. Lilith McGraw), Dan Tobin (I) (Jonesy), Paul Langton (Dr. Lamb), Sidney Kay (Chester McIver), Mary Webster (Dr. Pauline Stewart), Deidre Owen (Dr. Una Reese), Alberta Nelson (Dr. Ruth Carrison)
Dr. Lilith McGraw's desire to become a surgeon casts a shadow on her romance with Kildare.

48. The Thing Speaks For Itself
First aired: 1/10/1963
Guest stars: John Williams (Dr. George Hazard), Zohra Lampert (Rose Kemmer), Fritz Weaver (Arthur Hobler), George Macready (Dr. Harper Faring), Paul Newlan (Carl Victor), Kelly Thordsen (Judge Delwyn), Francis DeSales (Dr. Whitner), Jess Kirkpatrick (Dr. Sharp), Joan Granville (Miss Ranger), Neil Rosso (Dr. Beasley)
Kildare and Gillespie are the defendants in a million-dollar malpractice suit.

49. The Great Guy
First aired: 1/17/1963
Guest stars: Jack Carter (Willie Guy), Constance Ford (Reba Guy), Jane Dulo (Ginger Sells), Buddy Garion (Dr. Monty Keefe), S. John Launer (Dr. Sadvray), Shary Marshall (Nurse Lori Perry)
A comedian with a bone tumor refuses to face a possible amputation.

50. The Mosaic
First aired: 1/31/1963
Guest stars: James Caan (Charley Johnson), Tom Tryon (Dr. William Ellis), Barbara Barrie (Peggy Farrow), Carl Reindel (Joe Startell), Bobby Byles (Dr. Van Sandt), Ben Wright (Vernon Beasley), Fred Holliday (John Tremont), Chuck Haren (Victor Bowman)
An epidemic of infectious hepatitis among Blair Hospital's medical students has already claimed one life, but Dr. William Ellis, a city health official still can't discover the source.

51. Good Luck Charm
First aired: 2/7/1963
Guest stars: Susan Davis (Nurse), James McCallion (Dr. Atkinson), Jeanette Nolan (Fanny), Jena Engstrom (Marcia), Gloria Swanson (Julia Colton)
Dr. Kildare wants to convince former movie queen Julia Colton that there are patients with worse problems than hers - so he introduces her to a young terminal case named Marcia.

52. Jail Ward
First aired: 2/14/1963
Guest stars: James Franciscus (Stan Fisher), Henry Silva (Edmund Carson), Bill Zuckert (Sam Crowley), Irene Tedrow (June Crowley), Ross Elliott (Assistant District Attorney), Ashley Cowan (Seymour), James Bell (Judge Hatfield), Jennifer West (Ethel Carson), Jill Jarmyn (Miss Larson), Robert Strauss (Mike Martin)
Policeman Stan Fisher wants cop-killer Ed Carson tried and convicted as quickly as possible. When Kildare insists that Carson must be treated for acute anemia, Fisher goes over his head and asks Dr. Gillespie for help.

53. A Trip To Niagara
First aired: 2/21/1963
Guest stars: John Larch (Dr. Victor Jonah), Irene Daily (Sara Beth Anderson), Harold Dyrenforth (Dr. Myers), Betsy Jones-Moreland (Ruth Jonah), Billy E. Hughes (David Jonah), William Sargent (Dr. Neal), Isobel Elsom (Mrs. Walker), Gertrude Flynn (Technician)
Dr. Victor Jonah is going blind because of an accidental exposure to radiation in the hospital lab. His dilemma: Should he devote his last days of light to his family or to his patients?

54. A Place Among The Monuments
First aired: 2/28/1963
Guest stars: Zohra Lampert (Myra Krolik), Harold J. Stone (Mr. Krolik), Iphigenie Castiglioni (Mrs. Krolik), Aki Aleong (Dr. King), Brendan Dillon (Dr. Simmons), H.M. Wynant (Dr. Renner), Sharon Connors (Sandy)
Kildare prevents Myra Krolick from committing suicide, but is unable to convincer her parents that she still has suicidal tendencies.

55. Face Of Fear
First aired: 3/7/1963
Guest stars: Dana Latham (Hughie), Robert Culp (Matt Hendricks), Mariette Hartley (Ellen Hendricks), Mary Astor (Aunt Frances)
After a lab at Blair Hospital is destroyed, medical technician Matt Hendricks tells his wife that he thinks he's going insane because he's the one who caused the damage, and he doesn't know why he did it.

56. Sister Mike
First aired: 3/14/1963
Guest stars: Fay Bainter (Sister Mike), Collin Wilcox (Lorena Henry), Rory O'Brien (Jody), Michael Harvey (Fred Moran), Clancy Cooper (Dunleavy), Mary Badham (Cara Sue), Denise Morris (Mrs. Fellini)
Kildare launches an investigation when a young girl is hospitalized with large welts on her back.

57. A Very Infectious Disease
First aired: 3/21/1963
Guest stars: Dan O'Herlihy (Dr. Phillip Downey), Jean Hagen (Nurse Mary Ogilvy), Vito Scotti (Mr. Munoz), Chris Hughes (Jerry Tucker), Fay Baker (Mrs. Tucker), Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Smith), John Baer (Ralph Farwell), Salya Talma (Mrs. Vela), Betty Harford (Special Nurse)
A middle-aged intern, whose arrogant bedside manner antagonizes his patients and hospital officials.

58. Dark Side Of The Mirror
First aired: 3/28/1963
Guest stars: James Callahan (Dr. Yates Atkinson), Polly Bergen (Janice Graham/Cathy Brandon), Alex Nicol (David Graham), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Gitner), Jason Johnson (Mr. Gitner), Jennifer Gillespie (Debby), Harold Gould (Dr. Peter Gould), Ron Sumner (Randy)
Twin sisters one good and one bad, the good sister needs a kidney to save her life and the bad refuses to donate one to her.

59. The Sleeping Princess
First aired: 4/11/1963
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Bonnie Tynes, RN), June Harding (Sophia Nirchos), Moyna MacGill (Neighbor), Alexander Davion (Kenneth Meadows M.D.), Charles H. Radilak (Nick Nirchos), Martine Bartlett (Mrs. Goodwin)
Kildare encounters a 17-year-old girl who was locked in her home from the age of 5 and now lives in a world of fantasy.

60. Ship's Doctor
First aired: 4/18/1963
Guest stars: Anna Lee (Frances Alland), Patrick O'Neal (Harvey Robert Jones M.D.), Elinor Donahue (Sharon Calloway), John Fiedler (D.R. Dromley), Stefan Gierasch (Willie Korvar), Claudine Longet (Mme. Dupres), Robert Casper (Purser), Cynthia Lynn (Fraulein Gosschen), Orville Sherman (Steward)
On a luxury cruise, Dr. Gillespie hides the fact that he is a physician in order to avoid being pestered for free advice - and the ship's doctor thinks that he's on board to investigate his huge expense account.

61. Tightrope Into Nowhere
First aired: 4/25/1963
Guest stars: Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Carol Anderson (Millie McLean R.N.), Mary Murphy (Janet Logan), Lyle Sudrow (Robert Logan), Josie Lloyd (Miss Roth R.N.), Edward Asner (Frank Williams)
Kildare questions the retention of artificial devices to sustain the life of a man who has slipped into a terminal coma.

62. The Balance And The Crucible
First aired: 5/2/1963
Guest stars: Ann Loos (Miriam Palmer), Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Peter Falk (Matt Gunderson), Sue Randall (Emily Gunderson), Bill Bixby (Ben Mollenhauer M.D.), June Vincent (Sarah Hogan), Noreen Corcoran (Mary Thompson)
A medical missionary interning at Blair loses his faith when his wife is killed by South American savages.

63. The Gift Of Koodjanuk
First aired: 5/9/1963
Guest stars: Brian Keith (Alfred Freely), J. Pat O'Malley (Paul Menzies), Joseph Sweeney (Harvey Wooten), Al Ruscio (Ed Rutherford), Greg Morris (Lincoln Bell), Joseph Perry (Antonio Pronesti)
Bubbling with cheer and optimism, Alfred Freely enters Blair Hospital for a check-up and announces that he happens to be Dr. Kildare's long-lost uncle.

64. An Island Like A Peacock
First aired: 5/16/1963
Guest stars: Carol Anderson (Nurse), Forrest Tucker (Max Beemis), Kathryn Hays (Gina Beemis), Leonard Nimoy (Harry), Lillian Bronson (Miss Nelson), Clarence Lung (Dr. Keeler), Eli Mintz (Sam Stone), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Philips), Curt Barrett (Blind Actor), Marcia Blakesley (Blind Actress)
A dying man tries to make amends to the blind daughter he deserted 20 years before.

65. To Each His Prison
First aired: 5/23/1963
Guest stars: Regis Toomey (Arthur Wheeler), Ross Martin (Oscar Clayton), Anne Meacham (Rose Clayton), Lois Smith (Libby Clayton), George Kennedy (Joe Kramer), Jered Barclay (Philip Corlane), John Marley (Judge Haines), Bob Hastings (Billy), Edgar Buchanan (Judge Manning)
Kildare struggles with his conscience when he hears a delirious alcoholic confess to a crime for which another man was jailed.

66. A Hand Held Out In Darkness
First aired: 5/30/1963
Guest stars: Philip Abbott (David Key), Valora Noland (Miss Andrews), Richard Benjamin (Adam), Vicki Cos (Charlie Jane Doe), Joey Scott (Freddy Brown), Anita Dangler (Ruth Foster R.N.), Dorothy Neumann (Miss Sanderson), Wilton Graff (George Miller), Paul Mantee (Neurosurgeon), Gilbert Green (Sergeant Smith)
Kildare pieces together a little girl's past to find out why she suffers from conversion hysteria, a condition caused by great shock.

67. What's God To Julius
First aired: 6/6/1963
Guest stars: Susan Davis (Nurse), Jacob Sunderling (Rabbi), John Bleifer (Hertzog), Martin Balsam (Benny Orloff), Theodore Bikel, Sorrell Booke (Julius)
A terminally ill brother is worried about his mentally disabled brother, Julius and who will take care of him after he is gone.

Season 3

68. Who Ever Heard Of Two-Headed Doll?
First aired: 9/26/1963
Guest stars: Charity Grace (Mrs. Zwicker), Janice Rule (Lila Gregg), Charles Bronson (Harry Gregg), Richard Anderson (Dr. Norman Phelps), Conlan Carter (Dr. Yates Atkinson)
Dr. Phelps refuses to tell Harry Gregg and his carefree wife that Harry is dying of leukemia.

69. Good Samaritan
First aired: 10/3/1963
Guest stars: Thomas Gomez (Truxton Bramley), Ruth White (Hester Cullen), Leonard Stone (Fred Payson), Jennifer Billingsley (Ruby Cullen), Rhys Williams (Chester Wayne), Paul Barselou (Judge Brewster), Steve Gravers (Albert Case)
Kildare performs an emergency delivery of a young woman's baby in a truck. The couple then sues Kildare for delivering the child stillborn.

70. If You Can't Believe The Truth
First aired: 10/10/1963
Guest stars: James Whitmore (Henry Cay Kincaid), Barbara Eden (Judy Gail), Mary Webster (Nancy Hoyt), Joan Young (Lucy Webber R.N.), William Lanteau (George Kincaid), Paulie Clark (Miss Potter), Bob Denver (Dr. Paul Garrett)
Nurse Judy Gail, a Southern belle who took up medicine to snag a rich husband.

71. The Heart, An Imperfect Machine
First aired: 10/17/1963
Guest stars: Carol Anderson (Nurse), Pat Hingle (Edward Swader), Diane Baker (Emma Swader), Charles McGraw (Dr. Kenneth Hasker), Susan Brown (Betty), Pete Morrow (Intern)
Obsessed with developing an artificial heart, Dr. Swader excludes everything else from his life.

72. A Game For Three
First aired: 10/24/1963
Guest stars: Susan Strasberg (Barbara Miller), Andrew Prine (Dr. Louis Miller), Les Tremayne (Dr. Keith Breson), Adrienne Marden (Mrs. Sullivan), Charles Lampkin (Custodian)
Kildare clashes with Dr. Louis Miller, an ambitious intern with a disdain for hospital rules and procedures.

73. The Exploiters
First aired: 10/31/1963
Guest stars: Johnny Washbrook (Tommy), Nancy Malone (Nurse Jean Dennis), Glenda Farrell (Vera Dennis), Judson Laire (Mr. Brown), Crahan Denton (Fred Dennis), Tommy Farrell (Wally)
Kildare tries to prevent a widow from being exploited by a sinister funeral director.

74. One Bright And Clear Thursday Morning
First aired: 11/7/1963
Guest stars: Ann Loos (Nurse Quinn), Miyoshi Umeki (Hana Shigera), James Shigeta (Dr. Roy Shigera), Beulah Quo (Natsu Shigera), Parley Baer (Dr. James Connors), Garry Walberg (Dr. Benjamin Lenlow)
Expectant mother Hana Shigera learns that the radiation sickness she suffered after the bombing of Nagasaki has led to leukemia.

75. Eleventh Commandment
First aired: 11/14/1963
Guest stars: Susan Oliver (Carol Logan), Molly Picon (Ida Forman), Michael Forest (Julian Forman), Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Parker), Bernard Kates (Irv Forman), Ellen Miller (Dorothy Miller)
Self-pity takes its toll on Blair roommates Ida Forman and Carol Logan, who are constantly at each other's throats.

76. Four Feet In The Morning
First aired: 11/21/1963
Guest stars: Ruth Roman (Marie Quincy), Andrew Duggan (Carl Quincy), Tony Dow (Bob Quincy), Phyllis Avery (Roberta Landon), Ralph Bellamy (L. Richard Starke M.D.), Jack Ging (Paul Graham), Marta Kristen (Darleen Landon), Richard Carlyle (Jack Landon)
A young, unwed mother-to-be, under observation at Blair Hospital, exhibits symptoms of a severe emotional disturbance.

77. The Pack Rat And Prima Donna
First aired: 11/28/1963
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Nurse Bonnie Tynes), Ed Nelson (Dr. Keith Judge), Celeste Holm (Nurse Jane Munson), Danielle de Metz (Nurse Danielle Mercier), Charles Fredericks (Barney Terrander), Frances Robinson (Lucille Terrander), Molly Glessing (Nurse Weems)
Kildare is helping to dispose of old hospital supplies, but Nurse Munson doesn't want to get rid of anything. While Dr. Judge would gladly junk the "medieval relics" in favor of modern equipment.

78. Backslider
First aired: 12/5/1963
Guest stars: Kevin McCarthy (Harvey Gruboldt M.D.), Anne Helm (Helen Keening), Harry Ellerbe (Gary Dawson M.D.), Josie Lloyd (Miss Roth R.N.)
The death of his wife and children take their toll on Dr. Gruboldt, whose medical practice has become increasingly haphazard.

79. Charile Wade Makes Lots Of Shade
First aired: 12/12/1963
Guest stars: Dale Malone (Charlie Wade), Frank Overton (John Oliver), Mary La Roche (Sarah Oliver), Marion Ross (Ann Patterson), Claire Wilcox (Sandy Oliver)
Threatened with blindness, 357lb Charlie Wade reluctantly agrees to diet.

80. The Oracle
First aired: 12/19/1963
Guest stars: Lauren Bacall (Virginia Herson), Brenda Scott (Suzy Walker), Jocelyn Brando (Doris Phillips), Joyce Van Patten (Miss Scully), Staats Cotsworth (Senator Arthur Clanton), Adam Williams (Ralph Walker)
A Pulitzer Prize columnist and a teen-age mother-to be provide Kildare and Gillespie with a study in reactions to serious illness.

81. Vote Of Confidence
First aired: 12/26/1963
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether, Lisabeth Hush (Susan), Carl Benton Reid (Benson), Patricia Breslin (Marion), Frank Aletter (Helvick), Eddie Albert (Dr. Norman French)
The usually routine chief-of-staff election becomes a political contest when dynamic Dr. Norman French challenges Dr. Gillespie for the post.

82. Willing Suspension Of Disbelief
First aired: 1/9/1964
Guest stars: Jack Lord (Dr. Frank Michaels), Mala Powers (Julie Michaels), Denver Pyle (R.E. Lenger), Robert Karnes (Monte), Patience Cleveland (Miss Rowe)
Rheumatoid arthritis, which forced Frank Michaels to quit pro football, threatens his new career in surgery.

83. Tyger Tyger Part I
First aired: 1/16/1964
Guest stars: Yvette Mimieux (Pat Holmes), Clu Gulager (Norman Gage), Anjanette Comer (Carol Montgomery), John Newland (Paul Montgomery), Robert Logan (Russ), Phyllis Hill (Mrs. Holmes), George Petrie (Mr. Holmes)
Yvette Mimiuex plays the part of a girl who is totally smitten with surfing and is hell bent on being the BEST surfer. She is in Blair and Gillespe diagnoses her with epilepsy. She is warned not to surf OR drive a car until the siezures are brought under control. Despite everyone's concern and warnings she keeps sneaking off to the beach to "catch the big wave". Kildare and her friend Clu Gullager go to the beach several times to stop her. At home she has a grand mal siezure and is re-hospitalized.

84. Tyger Tyger Part II
First aired: 1/23/1964
Guest stars: George Petrie (Mr. Holmes), Phyllis Hill (Mrs. Holmes), John Newland (Paul Montgomery), Robert Logan (Russ), Anjanette Comer (Carol Montgomery), Clu Gulager (Dr. Norman Gage), Yvette Mimieux (Pat Holmes), Robert Sorrells (Big Green)
Yvette Mimieux continues her surfing. She and Kildare go to the beach at night and they "make out". He is infatuated with her but cant get her to accept the epilepsy. She has many smaller siezures. Kildare meets all the beach bums and beatnicks of that time. Ultimately she goes for a surf, catches the wave off her life and has a grand mal siezure at the same time. She drowns and Kildare is there to pronounce her dead.

85. Never Too Old For The Circus
First aired: 1/30/1964
Guest star: James Callahan (Dr. Yates Atkinson), Walter Pidgeon (Dr. Charles Priest), Ann Harding (Mae Priest), John Fiedler (Mr. Calhoun), Joey Scott (Chris), G. B. Atwater (Dr. George Costello), Charles Alvin Bell (Mr. Peoples), Dennis King Jr. (Bartender)
A retired physician yearns to return to the operating room, despite warnings that his surgical techniques are outmoded.

86. Onions, Garlic And Flowers That Bloom In Spring
First aired: 2/6/1964
Guest stars: Cesar Romero (Dr. Paul Marino), Audrey Dalton (Jo Grant), Joe De Santis (Mr. Conti), Marianna Hill (Gina Crain), Nick Alexander (Mario Conti), James Noah (Andy Crain)
While Dr. Paul Marino recuperates from a heart attack, Kildare takes over his practice in a slum area.

87. To Walk In Grace
First aired: 2/13/1964
Guest stars: Gena Rowlands (Helen Scott), Michel Petit (James Dwyer), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Hutchinson), Brenda Scott (Abby), James Griffith (Mr. Hutchinson), Peg La Centra (Loretta), Basil Rathbone
Kildare experiences a growing respect and affection for an attractive novelist researching a book at Blair.

88. Goodbye Mr. Jersey
First aired: 2/20/1964
Guest stars: Suzanne Pleshette (Ellen Tracey Adams), Fred Beir (Dr. Tex Mantell), J. Pat O'Malley (John Doe IV), Max Showalter (Dr. Carver Willoughby), Chet Stratton (Raymond Willoughby), Peggy Rea (Nurse O'Hara), Marian Collier (Mary MacDonald)
The hospital routine is disrupted by a hit-and-run victim - an enormous sheep dog.

89. Why Won't Anybody Listen?
First aired: 2/27/1964
Guest stars: Claude Rains (Edward Fredericks), William Demarest (Mr. Aimes), Peter Hansen (Mr. Sloan), Walter Brooke (William Fredericks), Burt Mustin (Mr. Franklin), Ted de Corsia (Mr. Swenson), Susan Brown (Ann Fredericks) A distraught old man plots a sinister revenge when he hears laughter in the halls of Blair Hospital after his granddaughter dies.

90. The Child Between
First aired: 3/5/1964
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Nurse Johnson), Jeanne Cooper (Marian Colby), Lee Philips (Dr. Arthur Colby), Beau Bridges (Bob Colby), Jan Moriarty (Kit Colby), Brooke Bundy (Linda), Allan Hunt (Rusty)
Kildare suspects there's a connection between a teenage diabetic's neglect of his health and his attitude toward his divorced parents.

91. A Hundred Million Tomorrows
First aired: 3/12/1964
Guest stars: Paul Burke (Lawrence Crane), Diana Van der Vlis (Virginia Martin), George Grizzard (Douglas Martin), Dennis Patrick (Franklin V. Powers), Robert Brubaker (Dr. Norman Larken), David Whorf (Dr. Oscar Bittner), William Woodson (Mr. Parsons)
An executive's heart attack forces him to take a closer look at his life.

92. Tomorrow Is A Fickle Girl
First aired: 3/19/1964
Guest stars: Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Mendoza), Sal Mineo (Carlos Mendoza), Manuel Padilla, Jr. (Juan Ortega), Leonid Kinskey (Sam Weiss), Roberto Contreras (Santos Esqueda)
Cardiac patient Carlos Mendoza uses his extensive medical knowledge to set up his own practice without a license.

93. Quid Pro Quo
First aired: 3/26/1964
Guest stars: Ann Loos (Nurse Palmer), Robert Walker Jr. (Neal Tomlinson), Michael Callan (Charles Devereaux), Cheryl Holdridge (Nurse Reynolds), Barry Malcolm (Mr. Steelman), Holly McIntire (Kay)
Kildare clashes with two interns, Tomlinson, a dedicated man with limited abilities, and Devereaux, his brilliant but flippant roommate.

94. A Day To Remember
First aired: 4/2/1964
Guest stars: Yvonne Craig (Carol Devon), Anne Baxter (Nora Willis), Michel Petit (Jerome Sebrell), Edith Atwater (Miss Thornton), Jon Lormer (Mr. Teale), Mary Lansing (Bungalow Owner), Ken Mayer (Bartender)
Deeply disturbed by her husband's death, Nora Willis poses as a volunteer worker to help a dying child.

95. An Ungodly Act
First aired: 4/9/1964
Guest stars: Leonard Stone (Payson), Susan Bay (Bradley), Shelley Morrison (Mrs. Martinez), Douglas Fairbanks (Devlin)
Kildare is faced with a slander suit.

96. A Nickel's Worth Of Prayer
First aired: 4/16/1964
Guest stars: Ed Begley (Joe Hogan), Lola Albright (Gertrude Carey), Kim Darby (Patsy Carey), Steve Mitchell (Bob)
Cancer is not a new enemy to elderly janitor Joe Hogan, he's been undergoing treatment for some time but now he's determined he won't submit to another operation.

97. Night Of The Beast
First aired: 4/23/1964
Guest stars: Bradford Dillman (Tony Warren), Sharon Farrell (Jeanne Sawyer), Carol Rossen (Dr. Lois Bower), John Ashley (Mitch), Kate Murtagh (Nurse Gordon), Ivan Dixon (Detective), Hal K. Dawson (Derelict)
Jeanne Sawyer has taken an overdose of narcotics, but the beach bum who brought her to Blair General refuses to give Kildare any information - and then tries to run him down with his car.

98. The Middle Of Ernie Mann
First aired: 4/30/1964
Guest stars: Ann Loos (Nurse Johnson), Terry Carter (Ernie Mann), Ellen Holly (Lucille Mann), Tige Andrews (Roy Winters), Peter Whitney (Dr. Nat Franklin), Kyle Johnson (Davey Mann)
With the championship at stake, a professional boxer tries to conceal his steadily worsening abdominal pains.

99. Sense Of Tempo
First aired: 5/7/1964
Guest stars: Dabney Coleman (Dr. David Kirkson), Pat Crowley (Claire Sutton), Jeanette Nolan (Nurse Margolis), Cyril Ritchard (Justin Fitzgibbons), John Hoyt (Dr. Bernard Notley), Nelson Olmsted (Mr. Pruyn), Ken Drake (Mr. Phelps), Jason Johnson (Mr. Chapman)
Justin Fitzgibbons, a brilliant writer, is also known to be rather eccentric, and one of the things he does that merits this description is to come sweeping into Blair Hospital, insisting on the best accommodations. The doctors are somewhat mystified: Fitzgibbons appears to be in the best of health, but he predicts that he'll be dead within a week.

100. Speak Not In Angry Whispers
First aired: 5/14/1964
Guest stars: Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Gus Pochek), Paul Comi (Dr. Thomas Kane), Lois Nettleton (Hildy Pochek)
Hildy Pochek, who suffers from an acute hypersensitivity to sound, refuses to be taken to Blair.

101. Dolly's Dilemma
First aired: 5/21/1964
Guest stars: Wilton Graff (Dr. Cassidy), Beverly Adams (Nurse), Alan Hewitt (Arthur Brink), Chester Morris (Tom Monahan), Joan Blondell (Dolly Marlowe), Lauren Gilbert (Dr. Stockton)
Wealthy widow Dolly Marlowe uses her stay at Blair to spark a romance between herself and Dr. Gillespie.

Season 4

102. Man Is A Rock
First aired: 9/24/1964
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Nurse Adams), Walter Matthau (Franklin Gaer), Georgann Johnson (Audra Gaer), Richard Evans (Derek Gaer), Lana Wood (Judy Gaer), Corey Allen (Dr. Harris), Ken Lynch (Mr. Hunter), Maurice St. Clair (Maitre'd)
Franklin Gaer, a hard-driving businessman who refuses to slow down despite a threatening heart condition.

103. Maybe Love Will Save My Apartment House
First aired: 10/1/1964
Guest stars: Barry Nelson (Dr. Wiley Lansing), Suzy Parker (Serena Norcross), Jules Munshin (Sylvan Pappinax), Lisa Loring (Cindy Norcross), Gregor Vigen (Tommy Norcross), Arlen Stuart (Mrs. Salt)
Dr. Gillespie plays Cupid for his featherbrained niece and a girl-chasing doctor.

104. Hand That Hurts, Hand That Heals
First aired: 10/8/1964
Guest stars: Janice Rule (Joan Cartwright), Jeanette Nolan (Annie), Steve Ihnat (Dr. James Rothson), Leigh Chapman (Miss Adams), Susan Davis (Miss Sutton)
Eight physicians and a psychiatrist have failed to diagnose Joan Cartwright's illness, so she's not very enthusiastic about letting Kildare have a try.

105. Last Leaves On The Tree
First aired: 10/15/1964
Guest star: Estelle Winwood (Adeline Blair), Hans Conried (Oliver Blair), Josephine Hutchinson (Amelia Blair), Edgar Stehli (David Blair), Dorothy Neumann (Miss Plessy), H. T. Tsiang (Niko), Burt Mustin (Dibbedee)
Bumbling Oliver Blair, grandson of the hospital's founder, tries to have the other members of his family declared incompetent.

106. What's Different About Today?
First aired: 10/22/1964
Guest stars: Kim Darby (Sandy Kimball), John Lasell (Fred Jasper), Patricia Smith (Norma Jasper), Robert Random (Eddy York), Kelly Corcoran (Hubby Kimball)
A newly-diagnosed, fifteen year-old patient falls in love with Dr. Kildare when he befriends her at camp for diabetic children.

107. Sound Of A Faraway Hill
First aired: 10/29/1964
Guest stars: Lee Marvin (Charles 'Buddy' Bishop), David Sheiner (Fred Hunter), John Megna (Cory Hunter), Ned Glass (Nate Martin)
An necessary operation will end a baseball star's athletic career.

108. Candle In The Window
First aired: 11/5/1964
Guest stars: Ruth Roman (Lily Prentice), Ron Howard (Jerry Prentice), Eddie Firestone (Joe Fitch), Walter Burke (Hotel Clerk), Isobel Elsom (Mrs. Silber)
Nurse Lily Prentice whose seemingly indifferent reaction to her husband's death worries Kildare.

109. Rome Will Never Leave You Part I
First aired: 11/12/1964
Guest stars: Ramon Novarro (Gaspero Paolini), Mercedes McCambridge (Sister Teresa), Daniela Bianchi (Francesca Paolini), Donald Harron (Dr. Ian MacDuff), Fabrizio Mioni (Armando di Corregio), Paul Stewart (Dr. Guiseppe Muretelli), Alida Valli (Luisa Brabante), Theresa Tirelli (Signora Rossi), Anna Bruno-Lena (Tobra)
Kildare accompanies Gillespie on a research trip to Rome.

110. Rome Will Never Leave You Part II
First aired: 11/19/1964
Guest stars: Fabrizio Mioni (Armando di Corregio), Paul Stewart (Dr. Guiseppe Muretelli), Ramon Novarro (Gaspero Paolini), Donald Harron (Dr. Ian MacDuff), Alida Valli (Luisa Brabante), Mercedes McCambridge (Sister Teresa), Daniela Bianchi (Francesca Paolini)
In Rome, Kildare falls for an Italian noblewoman and Gillespie tries to rekindle a wartime romance.

111. Rome Will Never Leave You Part III
First aired: 11/26/1964
Guest stars: Theresa Tirelli (Rignora Rossi), Ramon Novarro (Gaspero Paolini), Anna Bruno-Lena (Tobra), Paul Stewart (Dr. Guiseppe Muretelli), Alida Valli (Luisa Brabante), Donald Harron (Dr. Ian MacDuff), Mercedes McCambridge (Sister Teresa), Daniela Bianchi (Francesca Paolini)
Their visit to Rome ending, Kildare and Gillespie seek answers to their romantic dilemmas.

112. Elusive Dik Dik
First aired: 12/3/1964
Guest stars: Geraldine Brooks (Laura Bailey), Barbara McNair (Mareema Kamba), Tom Helmore (Dr. Foster Bailey), Michel Petit (Brian Bailey), Vic Perrin (Veternarian), Brendan Dillon (Dr. Gault), Nelson Olmsted (Capt. Lindsay), Bill Gunn (Jesse Kamba M.D.)
Kildare faces a grim decision when a father and son are stricken with the same rare disease: which one will get the limited supply of life-saving serum?

113. Catch A Crooked Mouse
First aired: 12/17/1964
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (John Bardeman), Harold J. Stone (Joseph Patrick Burns), Fay Spain (Emily Buchanan), Joe Mantell (Theodore Roosevelt Hopkins), Joe Maross (Nicky Buchanan), Milton Frome (Walter Goodman), June Dayton (Kathryn Lambert)
Kildare refuses to tell a woman she's dying, despite the DA's desire to extract a deathbed confession from the murder witness.

114. Exchange Of Gifts
First aired: 12/24/1964
Guest stars: Rip Torn (John Burroughs), John Qualen (Callahan), Stuart Nisbet (Dr. Frank Barnes), Sam Weston (Mr. Casale), Stanley Clements (Mr. Ricco)
Believing he's about to die, a skid-row alcoholic hits on an unusual way to take one last swipe at mankind.

115. Never Is A Long Day
First aired: 12/31/1964
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Nurse Harper), Walter Slezak (Dr. Max Jurgens), Hanna Landy (Gretel Jurgens), Marge Redmond (Mrs. Barnett), Bern Hoffman (Mr. Hudak), Davey Davison (Julia McQueen M.D.)
Although pathologist Max Jurgens is known as the "Iron Chancellor" to the hospital staff, to his too dependent wife he's all loving tenderness. Now Jurgens is dying and he doesn't know how to prepare her for life without him.

116. Lullaby For An Indian Summer
First aired: 1/7/1965
Guest stars: Margaret Leighton (Paula Winfield), Tisha Sterling (Sheila Winfield), Robert Young (Dr. Gilbert Winfield), Len Wayland (Dr. Douglas Lyson), Peter Duryea (Larry), Sherry O'Neil (Mrs. Fraser)
Blair's chief obstetrician, learns he is about to become a father after 19 years of childless marriage.

117. Take Care Of My Little Girl
First aired: 1/14/1965
Guest stars: Larry Blyden (Eddie Hiller), Gail Kobe (Helen Hiller), Veronica Cartwright (Nancy Hiller), Stuart Erwin (Dave Lesser), Olive Sturgess (Nurse Hollis), Harry Basch (Dr. Milton Bremner), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Roberts), Sandra Gould (Mrs. Gentry)
When his daughter is hospitalized, a would-be songwriter is forced to face his family responsibilities.

118. My Name Is Lisa, And I Am Lost
First aired: 1/21/1965
Guest stars: Lee Meriwether (Nurse Angela Springer), Clegg Hoyt (Mac), Lois Nettleton (Lisa Dowling R.N.), Nina Foch (Georgia Pettigrew), Harry Townes (Jack McCoy), Carmen Mathews (Aunt Martha), Ben Wright (Mr. Baker), Tom Palmer (Mr. Anderson)
Meek Nurse Dowling has never stood up to anyone until a disagreeable patient singles her out for some particularly venomous taunts.

119. Please Let My Baby Live
First aired: 1/28/1965
Guest stars: Diana Hyland (Marguerite Williams), Peter Haskell (Paul Williams), Harold Gould (Earl McCloskey), Marge Redmond (Clara McCloskey), Len Wayland (Dr. Douglas Lyson), Peggy Rea (Nurse Carrie), Paulene Myers (X-Ray Technician)
Former nurse Midge Williams, who lost three babies because of the Rh factor, is admitted to Blair in the eighth month of another pregnancy.

120. No Mother To Guide Them
First aired: 2/4/1965
Guest stars: Jack Warden (Ernie Duffy), Patricia Hyland (Vickie Duffy), Adrienne Hayes (Teresa Duffy), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Jason), Dick Wessel (Mr. Dulgash), Jonathan Lippe (Charlie), Richard Angarola (Tavern Owner), Bill Quinn (Instructor)
Despite a serious heart ailment, a cab driver insists on working until he completes training for a less strenuous job.

121. A Marriage Of Convience
First aired: 2/11/1965
Guest stars: Burt Brinckerhoff (Vincent Doyle), Louise Sorel (Eloisa Ruiz), Roger Davis (Karl), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Mr. Ruiz), Shelley Morrison (Mrs. Ruiz), Audrey Christie (Mrs. Doyle), Maidie Norman (Mrs. Johnson), Stephen Perry Jr. (Eddy Johnson), Joey Russo (Felipe Ruiz)
When the father of Eloisa Ruiz's unborn baby dies, she marries unsuspecting orderly Vincent Doyle.

122. Make Way For Tomorrow
First aired: 2/18/1965
Guest stars: Ed Begley (Jamie Cousins), Mabel Albertson (Mrs. Hannah Lacey), Joanna Barnes (Dr. Suzanne Shary), Frank Puglia (Joe Crosetti), Carol Veazie (Nurse Faraday)
Because his wife needs the insurance money, seaman Jamie Cousins takes up yoga to stop his heart.

123. Miracle For Margaret
First aired: 2/25/1965
Guest stars: Betsy Hale (Margy Beaton), Ford Rainey (Walter Untermeyer, M.D.), Barbara Bel Geddes (Dr. Ruth Halliman), Nina Shipman (Ann Bradley), Phyllis Hill (Mrs. Beaton), Richard O'Brien (Mr. Beaton)
When a close friend dies of leukemia, Kildare considers giving up internal medicine and going into research.

124. Do You Trust Your Doctor?
First aired: 3/4/1965
Guest stars: Carol Anderson (Millie McLean R.N.), Robert Culp (Jesse Hartwood M.D.), Angie Dickinson (Carol Tredman), Leslie Nielsen (Walter Burton), Loretta Leversee (Helen Hartwood), George Cisar (Larry Newman), Alma Platt (Mrs. Bowden), Jason Wingreen (Painter)
Robert Culp Plays a heart doctor who was involved in a malpratice suit therefore has become afriad to diagnose anything so he refers all his patients to Bliar. Kildare catches on, they have it out good, then Gillespe gets involved, makes Culp face his demons, offers him a big job at the hospital. Good one, Culp plays a very sarcastic, abrasive character.

125. All Brides Should Be So Beautiful
First aired: 3/11/1965
Guest stars: Colleen Dewhurst (Eleanor Markham), Tom Bosley (Harry Markham), Connie Gilchrist (Mary Markham), Rusty Lane (Gus Markham)
Afraid of being disfigured, newlywed Eleanor Markham refuses vital cancer surgery.

126. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Part I
First aired: 3/18/1965
Guest stars: Carol Anderson (Nurse Millie McLean), Angie Dickinson (Carol Tredman), Leslie Nielsen (Walter Burton), Vincent Cobb (Dr. Thomas Eastly), Robert Jocquin (Emergency Intern)
Kildare is seriously injured in an auto accident.

127. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Part II
First aired: 3/25/1965
Guest stars: Angie Dickinson (Carol Tredman), Leslie Nielsen (Walter Burton), Jim McMullan (Dr. Louis McLeod), Robert Hogan (Paul Dane), Irene Martin (Nurse Taylor)
Kildare's engagement to Carol Tredman is overshadowed by the prospective bride's growing doubts about the upcoming marriage.

128. A Journey To The Sunrise
First aired: 4/1/1965
Guest stars: Raymond Massey (Graham Lanier), Malcolm Atterbury (Asa McConnell), Ellen Attenbury (Ma McConnell), Don Quine (Lex McConnell), William Arvin (Jackson McConnell), Ted Eccles (Dilmore McConnell)
Brought to Blair in obvious agony, Graham Lanier refuses to divulge anything about himself or to take drugs to relieve his pain.

129. Time Buyers
First aired: 4/8/1965
Guest stars: Patricia Barry (Dr. Edith Burnside), Carroll O'Connor (David Burnside), Donnelly Rhodes (Chris McKenna), Roger Mobley (Alan Burnside), Les Tremayne (Arthur Jansen), Jeanne Rainer (Irene Fairly), Evelyn Ward (Mabel Volk)
Dr. Gillespie is baffled by Dr. Edith Burnside's hysterical reaction to the news that her son may require a kidney transplant.

130. Music Hath Charms
First aired: 4/15/1965
Guest stars: Dorothy Provine (Sally Bolos), Darryl Hickman (Harlan Thomas), Rosemary DeCamp (Angela Faring), William Splawn (Dr. Barnes), Tim Herbert (Dr. Collins), Jimmy Murphy (Dr. Carson), Karen Dolin (Nurse Chatterton), Rita D'Amico (Nurse Marsh), Whit Bissell (Dr. Kline)
Kildare is handed the thankless job of producing the annual nurses' and residents' revue.

131. Believe And Live
First aired: 4/22/1965
Guest stars: Kevin McCarthy (Omar Larson M.D.), Dan O'Herlihy (Mark Sloan), Anne Jeffreys (Jill Sloan), Ben Yaffee (Dr. Paul Osborne), Conrad Nagel (Governor Matthew Evans), Jean Engstrom (Dr. Larson's nurse), Wally Vernon (Fur salesman)
Attorney Mark Sloan is convinced he's dying of cancer despite the doctors' assurance to the contrary.

132. Reverence For Life
First aired: 4/29/1965
Guest stars: Norman Fell (Dr. Keith Mayes), Dennis Weaver (Wayne Wandemeir), Phyllis Love (Ruth Wandemeir), Frank Maxwell (Vincent Thompson), Shannon Farnon (Nurse Janice Elke), Ron Husmann (Dr. Walt Stringfellow), Jeanne Rainer (Irene Fairly), Christopher Harris (Richard Wandemeir), Peter Brocco (Druggist), Curt Conway (Judge Raynolds)
Kildare resorts to legal maneuvers when a critically injured woman refuses a blood transfusion because of religious beliefs.

133. Wings Of Hope
First aired: 5/13/1965
Guest stars: Ron Stokes (Rogers), Earl Holliman (Captain Bob Hill), Sharon Farrell (Glenda Hester), Whit Bissell (Kenneth Kline M.D.), Sally Chamberlin (Rosemary Carlson), Harry Moses (Dennis Carlson)
Kildare suspects that pilot Bob Hill has asthma, a condition that will cost Hill his job.

Season 5

134. Behold The Great Man
First aired: 9/13/1965
Guest stars: Margaret Leighton (Chris Becker), Burt Brinckerhoff (Charles Shannon), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Gast) , James Mason (Dr. Maxwell Becker), Robert Cornthwaite (Dr. Sisler), Christopher West (Nurse McKay), Kim Hamilton (Nurse Hammond)
Kildare questions the judgment of esteemed and egotistical Dr. Maxwell Becker.

135. A Life For Life
First aired: 9/14/1965
Guest stars: Margaret Leighton (Chris Becker), Burt Brinckerhoff (Charles Shannon), James Mason (Dr. Maxwell Becker), John Lodge (Dr. Secaras), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Garcia)
After a serious auto accident, Dr. Becker is put in Kildare's care.

136. Web Of Hate
First aired: 9/20/1965
Guest stars: Margaret Leighton (Chris Becker), Burt Brinckerhoff (Charles Shannon), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Gast) , James Mason (Dr. Maxwell Becker), Sara Hayden (Mrs. Anderson), Catherine Wyles (Mrs. Margucci)
Dr. Becker is determined to get back at Kildare for thwarting his suicide attempt.

137. Horizontal Hero
First aired: 9/21/1965
Guest stars: Margaret Leighton (Chris Becker), Burt Brinckerhoff (Charles Shannon), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Gast) , James Mason (Dr. Maxwell Becker), Hari Rhodes (Elliot)
Though partially paralyzed, Dr. Becker agrees to operate on the man responsible for his injuries.

138. The Bell In The Schoolhouse Tolls For Thee
First aired: 9/27/1965
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (Dr. Roger Helvick), Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren), Judy Lang (I) (Jill Hartwood) , Hugh Sanders (I) (Mr. Delaney)
Kildare embarks on his first teaching assignment surpervising the training of three third-year medical students.

139. Life In The Dance Hall: F-U-N
First aired: 9/28/1965
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (Dr. Roger Helvick), Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren), Judy Lang (I) (Jill Hartwood) , Alan Drum (the Rival), Ariane Quinn (Inez), Francis X. Bushman (Mr. Cooper), Sam Waterston (Mark), Lory Patrick (Nurse Betty Taylor)
While becoming more closely involved in the problems of his three medical proteges, Kildare gains the hostility of his own teaching assistant.

140. Some Doors Are Slamming
First aired: 10/5/1965
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (Dr. Roger Helvick), Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren), Judy Lang (I) (Jill Hartwood) , William Bramley (Dr. Bernard Krantz), Lester Dorr (Mr. Benson), Cliff Berry (Mr. Cornell), Lory Patrick (Nurse Betty Taylor)
Gillespie's intervention in the training of Kildare's students results in a clash between the doctors.

141. Enough La Boheme For Everybody
First aired: 10/11/1965
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (Dr. Roger Helvick), Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren), Judy Lang (I) (Jill Hartwood) , Ariane Quinn (Inez), William Bramley (Dr. Bernard Katz), Sam Waterston (Mark), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Davis)
The wife of a medical student asks Kildare to let her husband off duty to attend a party.

142. Now: The Mummy
First aired: 10/12/1965
Guest stars: Andrew Prine (Dr. Roger Helvick), Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren) , Ariane Quinn (Inez), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Hamilton), Tim Rooney (Wylie Hamilton), William Tynan (Peace), Lory Patrick (Nurse Betty Taylor), Lee Zimmer (TV Newscaster)
Fellow student Rudy Devereux organizes a protest against the ouster of Kildare's teaching assistant.

143. A Pyrotechnic Display
First aired: 10/18/1965
Guest stars: Tony Bill (Thomas Hartwood), Dean Stockwell (Rudy Devereux), Sheilah Wells (Frankie Warren), Judy Lang (I) (Jill Hartwood) , Ariane Quinn (Inez), Tim Rooney (Wylie Hamilton), William Tynan (Peace), Lory Patrick (Nurse Betty Taylor)
After her young patient dies, Dr. Warren resolves to give up medicine.

144. With Helfire And Thunder
First aired: 10/19/1965
Guest stars: Barbara Rush (Madgel Bannion), James Daly (Morgan Bannion), Sorrell Booke (MacAllister Thane), Bert Freed (Director), James Dawson (Collard), Teri Garr, Audrey Larkin (Receptionist), George Savalas (Aristos)
High-living movie idol Morgan Bannion is convinced he has cancer.

145. Daily Flights To Olympus
First aired: 10/25/1965
Guest stars: Barbara Rush (Madge Bannion), James Daly (Morgan Bannion), Sorrell Booke (MacAllister Thane), Marrisa Mathes (Girl in Bar)
Actor Morgan Bannion won't accept Kildare's diagnosis.

146. The Life Machine
First aired: 10/26/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), Hazel Court (Norma Hobart), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), Philip Bourneuf (Dr. Wickens), Hayden Rorke (Bishop) , Cloris Leachman (Rhoda Kirsh), Anne Seymour (Mrs. Canford), James Edwards (Dr. Lench), Karl Swenson (Judge), Edmon Ryan (Mr. Hallerton)
The hospital gets a new artificial kidney machine, but only a few patients will be chosen to use it.

147. Toast The Golden Couple
First aired: 11/1/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), Hazel Court (Norma Hobart), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona) , Cloris Leachman (Rhoda Kirsh), Audrey Larkin (Receptionist)
Only four patients can receive the new kidney treatment and it appears that Kildare's friend may have unfair advantage.

148. Wives and Losers
First aired: 11/2/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), Hazel Court (Norma Hobart), Philip Bourneuf (Dr. Wickens), Hayden Rorke (Bishop) , Cloris Leachman (Rhoda Kirsh), Anne Seymour (Mrs. Canford), Edmon Ryan (Mr. Hallerton), James Edwards (Dr. Lench), Karl Swenson (Judge), Viola Harris (Mrs. Wainwright)
The committee selecting candidates for kidney-machine treatment rules out patients unproductive in society.

149. Welcome Home, Dear Anna
First aired: 11/8/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart) , Victor French (Bartender)
Steve Perrona is stunned: his wife wants their son put in a foster home.

150. A Little Child Shall Lead Them
First aired: 11/9/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Hazel Court (Norma Hobart), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Philip Bourneuf (Dr. Wickens) , Morgan Brittany (Harriet Kirsh), Elzabeth Rogers (Miss Trilling)
Steve Perrona tries to bribe Gillespie; despondent Fred Kirsh gets a surprise visitor.

151. Hour Of Decision
First aired: 11/15/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart), Philip Bourneuf (Dr. Wickens), Hayden Rorke (Bishop) , Anne Seymour (Mrs. Canford), Edmon Ryan (Mr. Hallerton), James Edwards (Dr. Lench), Karl Swenson (Judge)
The selection committee begins its final deliberations.

152. Aftermath
First aired: 11/16/1965
Guest stars: Donna Loren (Anna Perrona), Leslie Nielsen (Harry Kleber), Hazel Court (Norma Hobart), Tom Nardini (Steve Perrona), Robert Reed (Judd Morrison), Marlyn Mason (Laura Morrison), David Opatoshu (Fred Kirsh), Fred J. Scollay (Mitchell Hobart) , Cloris Leachman (Rhoda Kirsh), Elizabeth Rogers (Miss Trilling), Nelson Welch (Mr. Fain)
The patients who have been accepted for kidney-machine treatment are announced.

153. Fathers And Daughters
First aired: 11/22/1965
Guest stars: Audrey Totter (Ella Vitnack), Norman Fell (Arnold Vitnack), Lee Kurty, Irene Martin (Sister St John), Kathy Garver (Tracey Richards), Jan Arvan (Dr Friedkin), Lauren Devon (Sister Benjamin), Fred Astaire (Joe Quinlen)
Sister Benjamin is forced to give up her missionary work when she's stricken with leukemia-an illness she hides from her father, a gentle, itinerant pool shark.

154. A Gift Of Love
First aired: 11/23/1965
Guest stars: Audrey Totter (Ella Vitnack), Norman Fell (Arnold Vitnack), Lauren Devon (Sister Benjamin), Fred Astaire (Joe Quinlen), Harry Morgan (Francis X. Healy), Alan Hewitt (Mr Gaffney), Lee Kurty, Harold Baker (Ulysses 'The Burglar' Jackson), Kathy Garver (Tracey Richards), James Frawley (Luther Bernstein), James Flavin (John Dolan), Paulene Myers (Technician)
Joe Quinlan doesn't show up for his examination.

155. The Tent-Dwellers
First aired: 11/29/1965
Guest stars: Audrey Totter (Ella Vitnack), Norman Fell (Arnold Vitnack), Fred Astaire (Joe Quinlen), Laura Devon (Sister Benjamin), Harry Morgan (Francis X. Healy), Alan Hewitt (Mr. Gaffney), James Frawley (Luther Bernstein), Kathy Garver (Tracey Richards), Rolfe McCanahan (Murphy)
Joe Quinlan becomes the talk of Blair Hospital when he slips out of his sick bed to hustle a wealthy patient in a pool game.

156. Going Home
First aired: 11/30/1965
Guest stars: Norman Fell (Arnold Vitnack), Audrey Totter (Ella Vitnack), Fred Astaire (Joe Quinlen), Laura Devon (Sister Benjamin), Harry Morgan (Francis X. Healy), James Frawley (Luther Bernstein), James Flavin (John Dolan), Jan Arvan (Dr. Friedkin), Harold Baker (Ulysses Jackson), Kathy Garver (Tracey Richards), Irene Martin (Sister St. John)
Despite a serious heart ailment, Joe Quinlan competes in a strenuous pool tournament to win the money for his daughter's hospital bill.

157. Something Old, Something New
First aired: 12/6/1965
Guest stars: Kim Hunter (Emily Field), Sharon Farrell (Rachel Field), Gene Kirkwood (Terry Cole)
Emily Field holds her daughter's boy friend responsible for the girl's injuries in an auto accident.

158. To Visit One More Spring
First aired: 12/7/1965
Guest stars: Kim Hunter (Emily Field), Sharon Farrell (Rachel Field)
Despondent Rachel Field refuses to undergo treatment that will prolong her life.

159. From Nigeria With Love
First aired: 12/13/1965
Guest stars: Patricia Barry, Darren McGavin (Felix Holman), Tippy Walker (Lois Gibbon), Robert F. Simon (Dr. Brantell), William Sargent (Dr. Steve Bardeman)
Anthropologist Felix Holman arrives for treatment at Blair accompanied by his own missionary nurse.

160. In Roman Candle's Bright Glare
First aired: 12/14/1965
Guest stars: Patricia Barry (Lydia McGuire), Darren McGavin (Felix Holman), Tippy Walker (Lois Gibbon), William Sargent (Dr. Steve Bardeman), Hal England (Ed), Jerry Ayres (Phil), Ralph Thomas (Barry), Richard Clair (Cal), Regina Groves (Joan), Sharon Frye (Faith)
Kildare fears that Holman may have a relapse unless he can keep the unruly patient quiet.

161. When Shadows Fall
First aired: 12/20/1965
Guest stars: Patricia Barry (Lydia McGuire), Darren McGavin (Felix Holman), Tippy Walker (Lois Gibbon), Robert F. Simon (Dr. Brantell)
When the health of anthropologist Felix Holman fails to improve, Gillespie blames Kildare's handling of the case.

162. With This Ring
First aired: 12/21/1965
Guest stars: Patricia Barry (Lydia McGuire), Darren McGavin (Felix Holman), Tippy Walker (Lois Gibbon), Paulene Myers (Dr. Sackley)
The discovery of malignant tissue casts a dark shadow on Holman's future.

163. Perfect Is Too Hard To Be
First aired: 12/27/1965
Guest stars: Basil Rathbone (Frederic Foray), Susan Oliver (Dr. Jessie Martel), Frances Reid (Emmy Foray), David Frankham (Philip Foray), Robert Karnes (Harry Buford), Charla Doherty (Kathy Calvert)
Gillespie asks internist Jessie Martel to accept a residency at Blair.

164. Duet For One Hand
First aired: 12/28/1965
Guest stars: Basil Rathbone (Frederic Foray), Susan Oliver, Frances Reid, David Frankham, Russell Collins, Noah Keen, Lee Kurty, John Brahm (Dr. Roehmar)
Gillespie is impressed with intern Jessie Martel's handling of patient Frederic Foray, a temperamental pianist whose career is threatened by Parkinson's disease.

165. The Atheist And The True Believer
First aired: 1/3/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
Dr. Gillepsie expects fireworks: Attorney Justin Post, an outspoken arheist, will be visiting the hospital at the same time as evangelist Andrew Webb.

166. A Quick Look At Glory
First aired: 1/4/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
A Reporter tricks evangelist Andrew Webb into implying that atheist Justin Post's heart attack may have been "Divine Punishment".

167. A Sort Of Falling In Love
First aired: 1/10/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
Amy Post seeks a medical explanation for her father's abrupt conversion from atheism to religion after his near brush with death.

168. The Last To Believe In Miracles
First aired: 1/11/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
Amy Post learns that her father wants to join Dr. Webb in his evangelistic crusade.

169. The Next Thing To Murder
First aired: 1/17/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
Dr. Kildare feels that he must prevent Justin Post from making a television appearance-and he plans to do it by declaring the former atheist mentally incompetent.

170. Never So Happy
First aired: 1/18/1966
Guest stars: Jeff Donnell (Nurse Driscoll), Jack Hawkins (Justin Post), Bradford Dillman (Dr. Andrew Webb), Diane Baker (Amy Post), Donald Madden (Bryan Cannon), Joyce Bulifant (Judy Cannon), John Napier (Ken Cleveland), John McGinnis (Len Wayland)
Justin Post is determained to appear on television with evangelist Andrew Webb-despite the danger to himself and the effect of his actions on his daughter.

171. A Cry From The Street
First aired: 1/24/1966
Guest stars: James Earl Jones (Dr. Lou Rush), Diana Sands (Irene Rush), Eduardo Ciannelli (Pappas), G. B. Atwater (Dr. Demerest), Rupert Crosse (George Parker), D'Urville Martin (Paul Young), Tony Monaco (Gage), Kirk Kirksey (Snake), Robert Phillips (Officer Nealey), Richard Elkins (Little Al), Dilart Heyson (Sugar Man), John Perrow (Jerry Rush)
An emergency call for doctors results in a reunion between Kildare and Dr. Lou Rush.

172. Gratitude Won't Pay The Bills
First aired: 1/25/1966
Guest stars: James Earl Jones (Dr. Lou Rush), Diana Sands (Irene Rush), Eduardo Ciannelli (Pappas), John Perrow (Jerry Rush), G. B. Atwater (Dr. Demerest), Rupert Crosse (George Parker), Beah Richards (Grandma), Richard Elkins (Little Al), Luther James (Everett), Bill Walker (Tad), John Wesley (Paul Young), Dilart Heyson (Sugar Man), Kirk Kinksey (Snake)
Irene Rush asks Kildare to help persuade her brother to give up his practice in the slums for a well-paying specialty.

173. Adrift In A Sea Of Confusion
First aired: 1/31/1966
Guest stars: James Earl Jones (Dr. Lou Rush), Diana Sands (Irene Rush), Eduardo Ciannelli (Pappas), John Perrow (Jerry), Beah Richards (Alice), Richard Elkins (Little Al), Dilart Heyson (Sugar Man), Kirk Kinksey (Snake)
Jerry Rush refuses to return home with his brother and sister.

174. These Hands That Heal
First aired: 2/1/1966
Guest stars: James Earl Jones (Dr. Lou Rush), Diana Sands (Irene Rush), John Perrow (Jerry), G. B. Atwater (Dr. Demerest), Richard Elkins (Little Al), Dilart Heyson (Sugar Man), Bill Walker (Tad), Kirk Kinksey (Snake), Bill Zuckert (Captain Childs)
Moved by his brother's involvement in an old woman's death, Dr. Rush comes to a decision about his own future.

175. A Few Hearts, Few Flowers
First aired: 2/7/1966
Guest stars: Ricardo Montalban (Damon West), Elizabeth Allen (Katherine West), Lesley Ann Warren (Bonda Jo Weaver), Alan Reed (Joe Belasco), Jeff Donnell (Evelyn Driscoll), Edward Binns (Peter De Gravio), Lynnell Raye Bass (Candy Striper)
Author Damon West attempts suicide; a diabetic is about to have a baby her husband doesn't want.

176. Some Tales For Halloween
First aired: 2/8/1966
Guest stars: Ricardo Montalban (Damon West), Elizabeth Allen (Katherine West), Lesley Ann Warren (Bonda Jo Weaver), Alan Reed (Joe Belasco), Edward Binns (Peter De Gravio), Jeff Donnell (Evelyn Driscoll)
Kildare becomes aware of Nurse Lawton's growing attraction to author Damon West.

177. I Can Hear The Ice Melting
First aired: 2/14/1966
Guest stars: Ricardo Montalban (Damon West), Elizabeth Allen (Katherine West), Lesley Ann Warren (Bonda Jo Weaver), Steve Carlson (Paul Lee Weaver), Susan Silo (Angie)
Kildare attempts to intervene when he learns that Nurse Lawton has been invited to the apartment of playboy Damon West.

178. No Other Road
First aired: 2/15/1966
Guest stars: Ricardo Montalban (Damon West), Elizabeth Allen (Katherine West), Lesley Ann Warren (Bonda Jo Weaver), Steve Carlson (Paul Lee Weaver), Julie Reding (Miss Saftig), Susan Silo (Angie), Barbara Young (Saleslady)
Kildare comes up with a solution to the problems of Dr. Gillespie and the Weavers.

179. The Encroachment
First aired: 2/21/1966
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orloff), Joanna Pettet (Yvonne Barlow), William Shatner (Dr. Carl Noyes), Diana Muldaur (Jeannie Orloff) , Bruce Hyde (Dr. Jeff Brenner), Debi Storm (Helen Orloff), James Secrest (Caldwell)
Volatile Yvonne Barlow detests her doctor, the ultra-clinical Carl Noyes, and responds only to Milton Orloff, an affable general practioner who is himself a patient at Blair.

180. A Patient Lost
First aired: 2/22/1966
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orloff), Joanna Pettet (Yvonne Barlow), William Shatner (Dr. Carl Noyes), Diana Muldaur (Jeannie Orloff) , Jack Nicholson (Jaime Angel), Bruce Hyde (Dr. Jeff Brenner), Debi Storm (Helen Orloff), Ralph Moody (Handy Man), Michael Panaieff (Cavelli)
Dr. Orloff tells why he has been snooping on the interns; Dr. Kildare incurs Dr. Noyes' anger.

181. What Happened To All The Sunshine And Roses?
First aired: 2/28/1966
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orloff), Joanna Pettet (Yvonne Barlow), William Shatner (Dr. Carl Noyes), Diana Muldaur (Jeannie Orloff) , Jack Nicholson (Jaime Angel), Bruce Hyde (Dr. Jeff Brenner), Debi Storm (Helen Orloff), Michael Panaieff (Cavelli)
Dr. Orloff learns that his wife is pregnant.

182. The Taste Of Crow
First aired: 3/7/1966
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orloff), Joanna Pettet (Yvonne Barlow), William Shatner (Dr. Carl Noyes), Diana Muldaur (Jeannie Orloff), Ann Loos (Nurse Whitman) , Jack Nicholson (Jaime Angel), Bruce Hyde (Dr. Jeff Brenner), Robert Cornthwaite (Dr. Max Gunther), Audrey Larkin (Receptionist)
Kildare believes he has finally diagnosed dancer Yvonne Barlow's mysterious illness, but he still must persuade her to re-enter Blair for tests.

183. Out Of A Concrete Tower
First aired: 3/8/1966
Guest stars: Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orloff), Joanna Pettet (Yvonne Barlow), William Shatner (Dr. Carl Noyes), Diana Muldaur (Jeannie Orloff), Ann Loos (Nurse Whitman) , Jack Nicholson (Jaime Angel), Debi Storm (Helen Orloff), William Swan (Young Doctor), Michael Panaieff (Cavelli), Helen Kleeb (Nurse Bernard)
Dr. Orloff, a victim of a ballooning artery, endangers his life by heatedly arguing with Dr. Noyes.

184. The Art Of Taking A Powder
First aired: 3/14/1966
Guest stars: John Saxon (Richard Rossi), Joe De Santis (Bruno Rossi), Joan Marshall (Charlene Rossi), Angela Clarke (Dahlia Rossi), Lawrence Montaigne (Raymond Rossi)
Aspiring actor Richard Ross returns home to see his dying father.

185. Read The Book, Then See The Picture
First aired: 3/15/1966
Guest stars: Lawrence Montaigne (Raymond Rossi), John Saxon (Richard Rossi), Joe De Santis (Bruno Rossi), Joan Marshall (Charlene Rossi), Angela Clarke (Dahlia Rossi)
Actor Richard Ross desperately wants to prove his Hollywood success to his dying father.

186. A Sometimes Distant Spring
First aired: 3/21/1966
Guest stars: Diane Varsi, Kym Karath, Gloria McMillan, Virginia Gregg
Nurse Claire Hanson must decide whether to risk surgery for her heart condition.

187. Travel A Crooked Road
First aired: 3/22/1966
Guest stars: Diane Varsi, Kym Karath, Gloria McMillan, Virginia Gregg
Claire Hanson learns that her husband, earlier reported missing in Vietnam, will be coming home.

188. Mercy Or Murder
First aired: 3/28/1966
Guest stars: Mart Hulswit (Dr. Vincent Brill), Murray Hamilton (Dan Hargrave), George Kennedy (Sgt. Hensley), Steve Mitchell (Norm Craven), Mona Bruns (Landlady), Clancy Cooper (Janitor), Lee Henry (Clergyman), Robert Nelson (Police Captain)
On a TV panel show, Kildare and Dr. Brill start a controversy about abortion laws.

189. A Strange Sort Of Accident
First aired: 3/29/1966
Guest stars: Mart Hulswit (Dr. Vincent Brill), Richard Beymer (Rev. Jack Elder), Murray Hamilton (Dan Hargrave), George Kennedy (Sgt. Hensley), Edward Binns (Peter De Gravio), Harry Townes (Gerald), Mona Bruns (Landlady)
Kildare is accused of telling the police about Brill's involvement in an illegal abortion.

190. New Doctor In Town
First aired: 4/4/1966
Guest stars: Audrey Totter (Norma Little), Mart Hulswit (Dr. Vincent Brill), Richard Beymer (Rev. Jack Elder), Shannon Farnon (Laurel Colling), Melanie Alexander (Ginny Elder), Sidney Blackmer (Dr. Andrew Bennett), James Anderson (I) (Spencer), Richard McMurray (Dr. Fred Hastings), Dyane Robins (Nancy Thompson)
Dr. Brill gives up his residency at Blair for a small-town general practice.

191. Reckoning
First aired: 4/5/1966
Guest stars: Audrey Totter (Norma Little), Mart Hulswit (Dr. Vincent Brill), Richard Beymer (Rev. Jack Elder), Shannon Farnon (Laurel Colling), Melanie Alexander (Ginny Elder)
Kildare pays a surprise visit to the Rev. Jack Elder.