Emmy TV Legends Archive Interview

In his Archive Interview, actor Richard Chamberlain talks about his life-long interest in acting. He discusses his first television role on Gunsmoke and describes at length his experience on Dr. Kildare, one of TV's first medical dramas. He goes on to recount his roles on two of television's most memorable miniseries: playing John Blackthorne on Shogun, and portraying the unforgettable Father Ralph on The Thorn Birds. He also speaks of his stage and television work in London as well as his ventures into feature films, where he socialized with the likes of Katharine Hepburn and Federico Fellini on set. He touches on his forays into music recording and on what it's like to be an actor who also happens to be gay. And be sure to watch for his tale on how he was mistaken for a serial killer in Colorado while filming the NBC miniseries, Centennial. Stephen J. Abramson conducted the interview in Los Angeles, CA on February 17, 2010.

Update: July 5th 2011 by Annie. Richard discussed a wide range of subjects ... including his fans. Some may have been surprised or shocked by a few of Richard's comments on this subject. Richard became aware that some had expressed concerns about his statements and he telephoned on July 5th to chat about it. Richard was quite surprised anyone would have been interested enough to actually watch the interview. Anyway, toward the end of the conversation, Richard asked to pass along a message to anyone who has seen the interview and may have been hurt by his fan-related comments. He apologies on bended knees to anyone who was offended or hurt by his comments. He does recognize that sometimes the excitement of meeting one's "idol" is overwhelming and sometimes people can lose control momentarily; he admitted being in a similar situation himself in the past. He also said he is grateful for our continued support. Being the gentleman that he is, he did not go into detail about fans who send him gifts all the time or make frequent travels to where he is performing or appearing (something he spoke about in the interview)... he just wants all his fans to live their lives to the fullest and to be happy, the same I hope all of us want for him! Richard said he is well ... and he sounded great!

Note: The video may be restricted in some countries, but you can watch it direct on YouTube from the links if needed.

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