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Echoes of the Past (2019) (Aged Commandant Tenner)
Finding Julia (2019) (Igor)
Nightmare Cinema (2018) (Dr. Mirari)
We Are The Hartmans (2011) (Mr. Hartman)
The Perfect Family (2011) (Monsignor Murphy)
I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (2007) (Councilman Banks)
Strength And Honour (2006) (Denis O'Leary)
Blackbeard (2006) (mini TV Series) (Governor Charles Eden)
Japan: Memoirs Of A Secret Empire (2004) (Narrator)
Too Rich: The Secret Life Of Doris Duke (1999) (mini TV Series) (Bernard Lafferty)
The Pavilion (1999) (Huddlestone)
The Lost Daughter (1997) (mini TV Series) (Andrew McCracken)
All The Winters That Have Been (1997) (Dane Corvin)
River Made To Drown In (1997) (Thaddeus MacKenzie)
Bird Of Prey (1996) (Jonathan Griffith)
The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years (1996) (Ralph de Bricassart)
Ordeal In The Arctic (1993) (Capt. John Crouch)
Papakolea: A Story Of Hawaiian Land (1993) (Narrator)
Hawaii: Perils In Paradise (1993) (Narrator/Himself)
Portrait Of Japan (1991) (Host)
Night Of The Hunter (1991) (Harry Powell)
The Astronomers (1991) (TV Series) (Narrator)
Aftermath (1991) (Ross Colburn)
Greed & Wildlife (1989) (Narrator)
Island Son (1989) (TV Series) (Dr. Daniel Kulani)
The Return Of The Musketeers (1989) (Aramis)
The Bourne Identity (1988) (mini TV Series) (Jason Bourne)
River Song (1987) (Narrator)
Casanova (1987) (Giacomo Casanova)
Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold (1987) (Allan Quatermain)
Dream West (1986) (mini TV Series) (John Charles Fremont)
Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (1985) (mini TV Series) (Raoul Wallenberg)
King Solomon's Mines (1985) (Allan Quatermain)
The Miracle (1985)
The Thorn Birds (1983) (mini TV Series) (Ralph de Bricassart)
Only One Winner (1983) (Frederick Cook)
Shogun (1981) (film version) (Pilot-Major John Blackthorne)
Shogun (1980) (mini TV Series) (Pilot-Major John Blackthorne)
Bells (1980) (Nat Bridger)
Musical Comedy Tonight (1979) (Bobby)
The Good Doctor (1978) (Various Roles)
Centennial (1978) (mini TV Series) (Alexander McKeag)
The Swarm (1978) (Dr. Hubbard)
The Last Wave (1977) (David Burton)
The Man In The Iron Mask (1976) (Philippe/King Louis XIV)
The Slipper And The Rose (1976) (Prince Edward)
The Christmas Messenger (1975) (Christmas Messenger)
The Count Of Monte Cristo (1975) (Edmond Dantes)
The Four Musketeers (1974) (Aramis)
The Towering Inferno (1974) (Roger Simmons)
F. Scott Fitzgerald And The Last Of The Belles (1974) (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The Lady's Not For Burning (1974) (Thomas Mendip)
The Three Musketeers (1974) (Aramis)
The Little Mermaid (1973) (Narrator)
Lady Caroline Lamb (1972) (Lord Byron)
The Woman I Love (1972) (King Edward VIII)
Hamlet (1970) (Hamlet)
Julius Caesar (1970) (Octavius Caesar)
The Music Lovers (1970) (Peter Tchaikovsky)
The Madwoman Of Chaillot (1969) (Roderick)
The Portrait Of A Lady (1968) (mini TV Series) (Ralph Touchett)
Petulia (1968) (David Danner)
Joy In The Morning (1965) (Carl Brown)
Twilight Of Honor (1963) (David Mitchell)
Dr. Kildare (1961) (TV Series) (Dr. James Kildare)
A Thunder Of Drums (1961) (Lt. Porter)
The Secret Of The Purple Reef (1960) (Dean Christopher)

Notable TV Guest Star Appearances

Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) (Bill Kennedy) "(ep# 3.4)
Leverage (2012) (Archie Leech) "The Last Dam Job" (ep# 4.18)
Brothers & Sisters (2011) (Jonathan Byrold) "Walker Down the Aisle" (ep# 5.22)
Brothers & Sisters (2011) (Jonathan Byrold) "Never Say Never" (ep# 5.18)
Brothers & Sisters (2011) (Jonathan Byrold) "One That Got Away" (ep# 5.14)
Brothers & Sisters (2011) (Jonathan Byrold) "Thanks For The Memories" (ep# 5.12)
Brothers & Sisters (2010) (Stephen) "Cold Turkey" (ep# 5.10)
Chuck (2010) (Adelbert "The Belgian" de Smet) "Chuck Versus Phase Three" (ep# 4.9)
Chuck (2010) (Adelbert "The Belgian" de Smet) "Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death" (ep# 4.8)
Leverage (2010) (Archie Leech) "The Inside Job" (ep# 3.3)
Desperate Housewives (2007) (Glen Wingfield) "Distant Past" (ep# 4.8)
Nip/Tuck (2006) (Arthur) "Blu Mondae" (ep# 4.2)
Hustle (2006) (James Whittaker Wright III) (ep# 3.3)
Will & Grace (2005) (Clyde) "Steams Like Old Times" (ep# 8.4)
The Drew Carey Show (2002) (Maggie Wick) "Look Mom, One Hand!" (ep# 7.25)
The Drew Carey Show (2002) (Maggie Wick) "Curse Of The Mummy" (ep# 7.14)
Touched By An Angel (2000) (Jack/Everett Clay) "The Face On The Bar Room Floor" (ep# 7.1)
Whispering Smith (1961) (Chris Harrington) "Stain Of Justice" (ep# 1.6)
The Deputy (1961) (Jerry Kirk) "The Edge Of Doubt" (ep# 2.23)
Gunsmoke (1960) (Pete) "The Bobsy Twins" (ep# 5.36)
Thriller (1960) (Larry Carter) "The Watcher" (ep# 1.8)
Bourbon Street Beat (1960) (Dale Wellington) "Target Of Hate" (ep# 1.22)
Mr. Lucky (1960) (Alec) "Operation Fortuna" (ep# 1.30)
Paradise Kid (1960) "Pilot" (ep# 0.0) UNAIRED
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1959) (Clay Pine) "Road Hog" (ep# 5.11)
Rescue 8 (1958) (Jeff) "High Explosives"

Notable TV Guest Appearances

ABC7 News (2009) (Himself)
Sky & Stars (2008) (Himself)
KITV4 This Morning (2007) (Himself)
KHNL8 Today (2007) (Himself)
KHON2 News (2007) (Himself)
KGMB9 Sunrise (2007) (Himself)
The Late Late Show (2006) (Himself)
Inside The Tower: We Remember (2005) (Himself)
After They Were Famous (2005) (Himself)
The Thorn Birds: Old Friends New Stories (2003) (Himself)
Larry King Live (2003) (Himself)
One On One With Paul Costello (2003) (Himself)
The View (2003) (Himself)
Dateline (2003) (Himself)
A Capitol Fourth (2002) (Himself)
So Graham Norton (2000) (Himself)
KTLA5 Morning News (1997) (Himself)
Arthel & Fred (1997) (Himself)
The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder (1997) (Himself)
Larry King Weekend (1996) (Himself)
The Peter Alexander Show (1994) (Himself)
T FET PA Denmark (1991) (Himself)
Live Regis & Kathie Lee (1989) (Himself)
Richard Chamberlain On The Thorn Birds (1983) (Himself)
The 47th Miss Universe Pageant () (Himself/Judge)
Christmas Concert In Finland (1992) (Himself)
Rebildfest (1990) (Himself/Guest Of Honor)
Raymond Massey: Actor Of Century () (Himself)
Inside The Swarm (1978) (Himself)
Hold On! The Dave Clark Five (1967) (Himself)
Arthur Freed's Hollywood Melody (1964) (Himself)
What's My Line? (1962) (Himself/Mystery Guest)

Alternative Titles

The Revenge Of Milady see The Four Musketeers
Die Verlorene Tochter see The Lost Daughter
Murder By Phone see Bells
The Other Side Of Murder see Aftermath
Lost Emotions see All Winters That Have Been
Victim see Aftermath
The Charge Is Murder see Twilight Of Honor
Dark Moments see River Made To Drown In
Cook & Peary: The Race To The Pole see Only One Winner