"So Graham Norton"

Richard Chamberlain guest starred on the "So Graham Norton" show which was shown in the U.K. on Friday 24 November 2000 at 10:30pm on Channel 4, repeated on Thursday 30 November at 12:35am. Below is a behind the scenes look at the making of the show.

Researcher Victoria Ashbourne

Deadlines aplenty and smiling bravely through the pain of bloodied fingertips, Researcher Victoria Ashbourne diligently works on getting to the bottom of Richard Chamberlain's briefs, including contacting the Richard Chamberlain Online web site.

Graham Norton and the Dr Kildare doll

After the discovery of its boastful anatomically correct dimensions Graham is rendered agog, and wonders where the Dr Kildare doll has been all his life.

Richard Chamberlain

Certainly not a thorn bird in our side -Mr Chamberlain hangs at the lip of the studio, and with seconds till showtime he cuts a cool figure while waiting for his cue to wow.

Graham Norton & Richard Chamberlain

Dowing a finger of wine, Graham poses apres show with Richard -One can feel so elated after savouring a generously stuffed vol au vent.

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