Interview 21


Richard Chamberlain: Now he reveals his biggest secret

A mild breeze slightly moves the leaves of the palm trees every now and then; the ocean has small crests, the sun shines. Here in Hawaii, lives Richard Chamberlain (66). Still alone but actively happy. His visitor calls him heart-warming in his welcoming villa which is flooded with light. And quite relaxed, the star of "The Thorn Birds" unveils his big secret:

The most asked question of his numerous fans is why Richard Chamberlain has simply never married. "I am a very difficult person" explains the actor and painter after a long pause, each of his words chosen with thought. "A single person who is happy to be with himself, I believe" he added laughing, "I never wanted to conform myself on other people, Iím happy to always do what I want and feel free and independent. And when one thinks as I do, then it is better to quit from a partnership, finally I would never like to make anybody unhappy or expect anybody to put up with my desire for independence."

It is also important to the super-star that he leads a life after work. "I have searched for this ideal" he emphasised in honesty. "I never wanted to live in chaotic Los Angeles, therefore I returned to live here. I rejected Hollywood because I didnít want to be monopolised by it, so I turned down many offers. I donít like to submit myself and so I stay alone. For everything else in my life, I am very happy with the way I live."

And still Richard Chamberlain revealed something of his private life, which he is normally careful to hide from the limelight: that of his not exactly happy childhood and youth. His father was an alcoholic, his mother therefore caring more for her husband.

Still when Richard keeps up with his great passion, his painting, then he can forget the shadows of his past. "For me painting is a type of therapy" explains the star, "an ideal means, to come to terms with the past and to express my love of nature."

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