Interview 22


TV Interview

Host: Dr. Kildare I remember that from my pram of course.

RC: (laughs)

Host: And now actor Richard Chamberlain is taken on the role as Dane Corvin in the CBS TV Movie All The Winters That Have Been.

Host: Yes, Richard Chamberlain is here this morning, and good morning, itís good to see you.

RC: Good morning very nice to be here.

Host: Last time we saw you you were in an aloha shirt.

RC: Yeh, yeh, well I mostly hang out in Hawaii now.

Host: Do you really, is that home?

RC: Yeh thatís home.

Host: Gosh what a silly idea.

RC: Are yeh terrible idea. (laughs)

Host: Thereís a reason for that.

Host: This one, tell us about this TV movie you are doing now itís really a complicated story.

RC: Itís a wonderful love story with Karen Allen and Hal Holbrookís in it, whose an old friend of mine I have never worked with before, heís so good in it. I play a kind of environment cop and Iím after some poachers in Indian territory in Canada, and Iím working a sting on this one guy whose poaching salmon, and so in developing this sting operation I meet and fall in love with his sister, so that complicates things tremendously because were really, itís not just lust man itís really love, and I know Iíve got to, I try to get of the case but in the end I have to arrest this guy, and when I do of course she thinks I completely betrayed her and then itís all over for twenty years, she says get out of my life, and then I come back twenty years later and things happen

Host: How do you get yourself into these situations, youíre a troubled priest and now youíre a troubled cop.

RC: Are man, you got to have trouble, you donít have drama without trouble.

Host: Even Dr. Kildare had trouble, but lets look at a clip of the film the CBS TV movie.

Host: All The Winters That Have Been.

Karen Allen: I dreamt of you, four winters ago, you came here, and we made love, we belong together, wolf and raven, Iíve been waiting.

Host: When you look at a script, thereís a pattern here, of the things that you do are so rich and so full of, thereís kind of the grand scope of things, it seems almost bigger than life, what do you look for in a script, is that what youíre looking for?

RC: Thingís that deal with the grand scope of things and are bigger than life...

Host: Yeh, and seems like the Thorn Birds and this...

RC: Well a lot has got to happen in a script, the character has to be interesting, the situations have to be interesting and maybe say something that is worth while. This movie happens to be all about love and the difficulties of love, I donít know, if there isnít a lot going on, then Iím just not interested, also I not very good, I need a lot of stuff happening.

Host: Whatís a role that youíre still waiting to play? The kind of character you really want to play that you havenít? Have you been a villain?

RC: Funnily enough Iím not; I played a villain a few times itís great fun, I may do that again. Iím not really looking for anything at the moment, I call myself a beachcomber who occasionally acts and usually paints (laughs) Iím more of a painter now than an actor.

Host: Do you surf?

RC: A little bit, I took a few lessons, I like body surfing better than board surfing. Board surfing is fun but it takes so long to get back to the waves and itís kind of exhausting, Iím a little old for that.

Host: You want to pay those guys to pull you out.

Host: It takes a lot to get you into L.A. and working on a movie.

RC: Well it just takes good people and a good script and then Iím interested. But Iím not pursing acting the way I used to.

Host: Richard Chamberlain so good to see you thanks for coming in.

Richard Chamberlain: Thank you, itís been a pleasure.

Host: We have a little walk down memory lane lets listen to

RC: Oh ho.

Host: And this is the theme from Dr. Kildare I think.

RC: Sure is.

Host: Sing it Richard, sing it.