Interview 33

Richard Chamberlain: In 4 months I'll be 60 -but I'm still young at heart

The famous actor received us on Hawaii before flying off to start work on the Peter Alexander Show.

The palm-trees sway gently in the warm wind from the dark blue shimmering Pacfic; the fine white sandy beach is almost empty. It's here on the romantic Hawaiian Island of Honolulu that film star Richard Chamberlain has found his paradise. The glitter of Hollywood means nothing to him anymore. The much idolised women's darling is living in the mountains high above the Hawaiian dream island in harmony with himself and nature.

The reclusive actor has now made a great exception for us and has received us in his chosen home. In delightful humour the still good-looking star talked about his present life, "I regularly get whole sack-full of mail from female fans, especially from Germany. I'm very lucky they feel this way. There are always some offers of marriage among the letters. A good friend of mine translates most of them for me and it really makes him blush. But, unfortunately, I have to disappoint the ladies who see a husband in me. In four months time I'll be 60, and it is too late to start marrying, although I'm still young at heart.

The greying star now spends a lot of time at his favourite occupation, painting. By way of relaxation he likes to go once a week to the exclusive Ihilani Hotel for a tropical cocktail and to enjoy the Pacific Ocean sunset. He met an old friend there unexpectedly recently - Hollywood star Elke Sommer. The actress was re-living her honeymoon with her husband. Richard was delighted with the chance meeting. "I had seen Elke in the past at a few Hollywood parties but not until now have we had time for a personal conversatiopn. I regret that. Because I have only now learned that Elke, like me, is passionately fond of painting in her spare time." And Elke Sommer admitted to us: "I have always been fascinated by Richard and I am acquainted with all his films. But in private he is certainly even nicer than on the screen. a man to depend on na dto dream about..."

At the beginning of the 90's it became known that women with hopes for Richard Chamberlain were definitely hoping in vain. At that time the star, who guarded his private life like a treasure, "came out" as a homosexual. But on the screen the female fans need not give up the star who has recently been displaying a greying moustache. On the first day of Christmas he is to be seen as the guest of honour on th ePeter Alexander Show. The publicity for it is already to be seen in Vienna.