Interview 38

Richard Chamberlain: I hope I have never disappointed a woman
(May 2007)

Richard Chamberlain (73) is a world star since the dramatic love story "The Thorn Birds." Yet the actor does not live in Hollywood, he lives in Hawaii. With friends he wants to create a housing development, a "community" in Maui : "We will all live in our own house, yet in a community, where we can talk to one another, help one another" says enthusiastically the star about his housing development project together with friends who are his same age. We paid him a visit in Hawaii.

Things have become quieter around you...

I continue working in films and series. During the second half of 2007 I will be back on a theatre tour across the US.

Millions of women adore you - justifiably so?

I hope I have never disappointed a woman. But I think we all have the right to have a private life. My fans are tolerant enough to grant me this much.

"The Thorn Birds" after all these years are still popular!

My private life fell apart then. I received 15000 love letters every month. Every day women were waiting for me at the gate. I did not know how to handle it.

How many fan letters do you receive now?

About two hundred letters every month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

How do you stay so young?

I exercise in the fitness room, pay attention to what I eat, swim a lot and sleep eight hours every night. I often sit in the garden and read or paint in my studio from where I can see the ocean. With my friend Martin Rabbett on weekends I tour the island on my bike.

What part does he play for you?

He is a friend and a partner who supports and criticizes me. We share everything, our finances and our job. With him life is never boring.

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