Martin Rabbett - Forever Buster

Forever Buster
Forever Buster
Martin Rabbett
Martin and Buster

Richard's partner Martin Rabbett has written a children's book entitled "Forever Buster" which is now available to purchase online from Hula Moon Press. The author has performed, produced, and directed for network television, Broadway, and regional theater. A side note: Richard and Martin had a pet dog called Buster!

One man's powerful testament to the inexorable bond between a man and his dog, written passionately and poignantly in this 36-page children's book. Watch Buster come alive in this delightfully illustrated book describing his life, passing, and ultimate immortality.

As Martin makes clear in his enlightening and uplifting first book, even death cannot break the bonds between a dog and his beloved master.

Forever Buster

Wherever he goes I hear people bellow,
"What a pretty dog, what a handsome fellow!"
And wouldn't you know it, he makes everyone mellow!

"It is said that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, which makes me believe that somewhere within the universe Buster's energy still exists, as does the energy of all our departed loved ones," writes Rabbett in his author's note. "I choose to feel Buster in my heart, alive and spirited within me. May this little story lighten the burden of sadness when loss is at hand and turn a heavy heart to glad by nurturing the good memories that live within us."

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