"Open House With Gloria Hunniford"

Open House With Gloria Hunniford

Gloria Hunniford had guest star Colleen McCullough author of "The Thorn Birds" on her show on Friday 08 September 2000 shown on Channel 5 in the U.K. Below is the excerpt of her comments about "The Thorn Birds." Goria Hunniford: "We haven't mentioned 'The Thorn Birds,' what you call the vile mini series." Colleen McCullough: "Instant vomit." Goria Hunniford: "Why did you hate it so much"? Colleen McCullough: "It was filmed in America with an American cast, none of them could act, the director couldn't direct. They imported two kangaroos, one died before they started filming which is why you'll always see this lonely kangaroo hopping. If you carefully examine the very small mob of merino sheep, you'll find that none of them are merino's and half of them are goats. The house was wrong, the landscape was wrong. The scriptwriter was a Baptist girl from the Midwest, terrific expert on the Catholic church in Australia. The only consolation I have is that anyone who's read the book and seen the mini series always say the book is infinitely better."

Colleen McCullough