"The Red Phone"

The Red Phone

Richard was scheduled to star in a two part mini TV series called "The Red Phone" which has just finished filming. However, the production crew did not come through contractually with the deal so Richard will not be starring in the TV movies. Richard was to have taken over the role of Ballester that was originally going to be played by Roger Moore, but he too did not take the part.

The films are a German and American co-production and consist of two TV movies which if prove to be successful could go onto become a TV series.

The two TV films focus's on a team called AT13 (Anti-Terrorist Team), a covertly formed squad assembled from specialist units from international commonwealth governments, with the aim of countering the ever growing problem of international terrorism. The AT13 is the first truly international police force, with a simple mandate: track down, combat and defeat terrorism. The head of AT13 must also control the men and women of his team who, while being the elite of their respective specialities, are also renegades with their own differing views on justice.

The Red Phone refers to a secured hi-tech computer line (the red phone) accesses only terrorist activity already investigated and verified by, but beyond the grasp of, any one of a number of international police, special security, and military agencies, so its urgent signal raises the alarm on an explosive situation that only AT13 can defuse.

The first TV movie is entitled "Manhunt" which is being filmed in and around Cape Town, South Africa, also with sets constructed to resemble another four different countries.

Plot: Van Eyck the world’s number one terrorist is contracted by the 'Cartell' to kill a leading European head of state during a high level G7 meeting in South Africa. The AT13 squad is sent in to intercept and prevent a blood bath.

The second TV movie is entitled "Checkmate" and will be filmed in Germany and Austria.

Plot: Political extremists are planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in Berlin, so the AT13 squad must intercept them and prevent the extremists from purchasing weapons-grade uranium from the Russian mafia.

Michael Ironside as Bremer
Arnold Vosloo as Wolf
Joe Penny as Jack Darrow
Richard Chamberlain as Ballester
Orla Brady as Kate
Gregor Toerzs as Giancarlo
Colin Salmon as Cooper
Also Jürgen Prochnow

Director: Jerry Jameson
Producers: Kris Dillinger, Philipp Menz & Jan Fantl
Written By: Steven Whitney
Created By: Steven Whitney & Terry Thompson

Total Running Time: 192 minutes (2x 96 minutes)