"Touched By An Angel"

Roma Downey & Richard Chamberlain

Richard guest starred in the first episode of season seven of the TV series "Touched By An Angel" which was broadcast in the U.S.A. on Sunday 15 October 2000 at 8:00pm on CBS. The title of the episode was "The Face On The Bar Room Floor."

"Touched By An Angel" stars Roma Downey as Monica, Della Reese as Tess, and John Dye as Andrew. As "Touched By An Angel" continues to soar, angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Monica, an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her earthly assignments, reports to Tess, her tough, wise, and always loving supervisor. Joining them is Andrew, who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, helps out as a caseworker on various assignments. The angels may not bring answers to every problem, but they always deliver a message of hope.

"Touched By An Angel" is filmed in Salt Lake City (U.S.A.).

Richard Chamberlain played a dual role as a New York society columnist and his turn-of-the-century, gold-mining ancestor. Living a life of excess in New York, Everett Clay gets a rude awakening when his father disinherits him to teach him the importance of character and hard work. Everett hitches a ride with Tess to Colorado, where his Great Grandfather came seeking fortune in the 1800's and found something even more valuable. Richard Chamberlain guest stars as both Everett Clay and Jack "Snakebite" Clay. "Money is not the issue here. What your son needs is something you could use -character. But the problem is you can't download character off the internet. You've got to get it the old-fashioned way." --Tess to Everett

Monica: Roma Downey
Tess: Della Reese
Andrew: John Dye
Benjamin: Ray Walston
Jack "Snakebite" Clay / Everett Clay: Richard Chamberlain
Barkley Stubbs: Keith Szarabajka
Carson: Chaney Kley Minnis
Simon: J.G. Hertzler
Karla: Lee Meriwether
Miner: Dennis Saylor

Roma Downey as Monica

Della Reese as Tess

John Dye as Andrew

Ray Walston as Benjamin

Richard Chamberlain as Jack 'Snakebite' Clay

Richard Chamberlain as Everett Clay

Episode Summary
Rating: TV-PG
Category: Drama
Director: Peter H. Hunt
Release Year: 2000
Running Time: 60 minutes

High atop a New York penthouse, Tess is entertaining at a society party hosted by bon vivant Everett Clay when his octogenarian father Benjamin, who still runs the family business, makes a surprise appearance to chastise his son and grandson about their wasteful ways. The following morning, Benjamin tells Everett the Bible story of the prodigal son who squanders his fortune. Benjamin reminds Everett that his great grandfather started this company carving handmade buttons and that he's being disinherited to learn the importance of self-reliance and hard work, handing him a framed deerskin jacket, with buttons carved by his great grandfather. Angry and penniless, Everett busts the frame, when Tess appears in her Cadillac, offering Everett a ride to Colorado, where some friends of his had invited him to stay. Before long, they arrive in Central City, the mining town that was in its heyday at the turn of the century. They stop at the historic Teller House saloon where Everett notices a portrait of a woman's face painted on the barroom floor. Tess tells Everett some of the folklore surrounding the fabled portrait, then goes on to tell him its connection to his great grandfather, Jack Clay. It turns out that the woman whose likeness appeared on the barroom floor worked at the saloon and was friends with Jack Clay. Tess recounts the story of how Jack had come to Central City to hawk his miracle elixir, preaching its curative powers with the conviction of an evangelist. Jack loses a game of poker to a known con man named Barkley Stubbs, who not only left town with Everett's horse and gun, but a bag full of handcrafted buttons he made for his wife. With Monica and Andrew as his guides, Jack tracks Barkley to a remote mountaintop and finds him unearthing a treasure. Jack holds Barkley at gunpoint to hand over the treasure. Monica tries to talk Jack out of it when Barkley makes a move for the gun. A struggle ensues and the gun goes off, wounding Barkley. Physically unable to reach the nearest hospital, Barkley prepares to meet his Maker. But before he does, he advises Jack to put his button-making skills to use, and gives Jack the map to find his way back to Central City. Tess explains that Jack left the treasure intact, taking only his due. Realizing what this means, Everett searches the deerskin jacket, finds the treasure map and returns to the spot to unearth the treasure his great grandfather buried over a hundred years ago. But when he opens it, he is flabbergasted to find a lone button -the button that came off during the struggle between his great grandfather and Barkley Stubbs. When Jack realizes he'd come all this way for naught, Jack goes into cardiac arrest. He's rushed to the hospital and while the doctors work on reviving his body, Monica goes to work on his soul. With Monica's help, Everett finally comes to understand the lesson his father had been trying to impart. When Everett regains consciousness, he calls his father to apologize and to assure him that he's coming home a changed man.

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