Richard Chamberlain performed in this play from 25 July through to the 12 August 2000 at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbrige, Massachusetts (USA). The play is by Gary Socol and directed by Martin Rabbett.

"The Shadow of Greatness" is a compelling and witty theatrical experience that reflects the toll that fame exacts on the human spirit. Richard plays the part of Allen Perry, a renowned and tormented playwright desperate to extricate himself from his tumultuous notoriety. On a dark, cloudy night he welcomes three of his most avid fans to his New York brownstone where the sparks of jealousy, contempt and sexual confusion immediately ignite. The play unravels with lightening speed and wit as the characters thrust and parry at each other, dissecting the nature of fame and the illusions it constructs. But who is stalking who, and where will it all end?

Richard Chamberlain as Alan Perry
Kellie Overbey as Elle
Jan Maxwell as Roxanne
Ross Gibby as Scott
Lady Eleanore Kooke as Voice of Naomi

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Jan Maxwell and Richard Chamberlain

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Ross Gibby

Jan Maxwell

Kellie Overbey

Kellie Overbey and Richard Chamberlain

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Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain

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