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Article 1 I dropped a royal clanger as Windsor, 'I Was Wrong To Play Duke'

Article 2 Why The Duke Is Not Amused

Article 3 I'm No Angel

Article 4 Doctor Kildare Found The Cure

Article 5 Richard Chamberlain "I have finally found happiness"

Article 6 Win A Trip To Hollywood For Two Flying B.O.A.C. "I'll Be There To Meet You" Says Richard Chamberlain

Article 7 "Dr. Kildare"

Article 8 Richard on his leisure time during "Dr. Kildare" days

Article 9 Richard's sweaters in "Dr. Kildare"

Article 10 Back on the Ranch

Article 11 Richard Chamberlain plays Tchaikovsky

Article 12 Byron and Richard Chamberlain

Article 13 Richard Chamberlain: Why I Always Run Away When I'm Close To Marrying

Article 14 "I'm not special"

Article 15 Star Richard roles back the years

Article 16 'Russian Richard' as Hamlet

Article 17 Chamberlain The New Dantes

Article 18 How telly's happy medic turned into the Gloomy Dane

Article 19 Not a ghost of Kildare in TV Hamlet

Article 20 TV critics review of "A Portrait Of A Lady"

Article 21 The personality who became an actor

Article 22 Now Dr Hamlet Finds A Stately Home

Article 23 Fame and Fans came quickly. Now TV's young "Dr. Kildare" finds the glare is too blinding under the golden spotlight of sudden success

Article 24 Award during tour of "My Fair Lady"

Article 25 An actress leaves her castle behind just for Hamlet

Article 26 Thorn Birds return to even thornier problems

Article 27 Richard's heartbreak

Article 28 Exit Kildare

Article 29 Au Revoir to Kildare

Article 30 Ed Stewarts Scene - 'Richard's Victory'

Article 31 1,000 fans write to Kildare every day

Article 32 Dick's Promotion

Article 33 The Richard Chamberlain Dossier (Part 1)

Article 34 The Richard Chamberlain Dossier (Part 2)

Article 35 Stranded on a Desert Island Richard Chamberlain

Article 36 Kildare's Conquest

Article 37 Richard Chamberlain At 60, he vows: I'm gonna live the good life! (Part 1)

Article 38 Richard Chamberlain At 60, he vows: I'm gonna live the good life! (Part 2)

Article 39 Thorn Again

Article 40 'Deja Vu' for Chamberlain

Article 41 The Missing Years (Part 1)

Article 42 The Missing Years (Part 2)

Article 43 It's Kildare -by a K.O.

Article 44 "Dr. Kildare" studies anatomy -again

Article 45 Richard Chamberlain Reveals: My Most Romantic Moments

Article 46 Dick's Seven Dates

Article 47 Richard Chamberlain No Looking Back

Article 48 "Doc" Chamberlain and the Wallenberg challenge

Article 49 Truth About Doctors By Richard Chamberlain (Part 1)

Article 50 Truth About Doctors By Richard Chamberlain (Part 2)

Article 51 Richard Chamberlain isn't like anyone else

Article 52 Richard Chamberlain Scores With Elvis Hit

Article 53 Just What The Doctor Ordered (Part 1)

Article 54 Just What The Doctor Ordered (Part 2)

Article 55 A Man Of Character: 'Lady' latest chapter in Chamberlain's long career

Article 56 Richard Chamberlain: I started acting because I felt worthless

Article 57 Mobbed ex-Dr Kildare

Article 58 Snow Joke For Richard

Article 59 JR Hires Dr. Kildare For £70,000 A Show

Article 60 The New Dr. K...

Article 61 My Boyfriend Richard Chamberlain By Clara Ray (Part 1)

Article 62 My Boyfriend Richard Chamberlain By Clara Ray (Part 2)

Article 63 Richard Chamberlain -Coping with the enormous fan mail

Article 64 Screen Love That Left Richard Red In The Face

Article 65 Torrid Love Of A Sexy Priest

Article 66 Why I Fell In Love With Rachel!

Article 67 Why I'm Single at 48!

Article 68 New Love for Richard

Article 69 Snippets

Article 70 He Inspires Women -with the desire to darn his socks

Article 71 Out in the Open

Article 72 Shattered Love

Article 73 Fast Chat: A Life In The Closet

Article 74 Chamberlain throws open the closet door

Article 75 Ostyle & Culture: Richard, reconciled

Article 76 Ideas on spirituality buried in gay outing

Article 77 Richard Chamberlain talks more about being gay

Article 78 Chamberlain eager to talk about life he once despised

Article 79 The doctor is out: New memoir, new honesty from TV's 'Dr. Kildare'

Article 80 Chamberlain book talks spirituality, coming out

Article 81 A Couple Makes a Début

Article 82 Pretense is all in "Stillborn Lover"

Article 83 Richard Chamberlain revisits Kaua'i locations from "Thorn Birds"

Article 84 Author of 'Shattered Love' opens his heart

Article 85 An honor that will branch out for Richard Chamberlain

Article 86 Chamberlain jumps out of closet; Hawaii yawns

Article 87 The Stillborn Lover at BTF arrives in excellent health

Article 88 The hidden life of Richard Chamberlain

Article 89 TV's Doctor Kildare and his pal share a home

Article 90 Richard Chamberlain is Gay

Article 91 Art Copies Gay Life

Article 92 Actor Richard Chamberlain to Lecture at Pomona College

Article 93 Makiki debates museum plan

Article 94 Not just Dr Kildare

Article 95 My Fair Berlin

Article 96 Dick Chamberlain: "I was a mixed-up teenager"

Article 97 Claws out for Son of Thornbirds

Article 98 Honolulu last stop on 'Doris Duke' film sked

Article 99 Richard Chamberlain is gay - Homosexual Mag's shocking charge against TV Casanova

Article 100 1990 was not a good year for "Father Ralph"

Article 101 Doctor Chamberlain

Article 102 Richard Chamberlain: Kildare To Hamlet

Article 103 'Thorn Birds': From sizzle to fizzle

Article 104 Richard gets his teeth into a tasty Danish

Article 105 Richard Chamberlain

Article 106 Lord Love And The Lovers

Article 107 'Thorn Birds II' doesn't fly

Article 108 The Night Dick Ran For His Life

Article 109 On The Cover - Richard Chamberlain

Article 110 She's the first choice of Chamberlain

Article 111 TV Legend In A Lather

Article 112 Richard Chamberlain Auditioned For One TV Series - And Got Into Another!

Article 113 Richard Chamberlain

Article 114 The Lover Who Lives Forever

Article 115 The Windsor Love Film You May Never See

Article 116 Hustle - The Con Is On

Article 117 Richard Chamberlain I Lived In Fear I'd Be Outed

Article 118 Guess who's going to guest-star in the new series of Hustle?

Article 119 Life's A Beach For Chamberlain

Article 120 The Charm Of Chamberlain (Part 1)

Article 121 The Charm Of Chamberlain (Part 2)

Article 122 The Charm Of Chamberlain (Part 3)

Article 123 Catching Up With Richard Chamberlain

Article 124 Richard Chamberlain Shares Stories Of Youth And His Acting Career

Article 125 Richard Chamberlain Returns To TV

Article 126 Serendipitous Crown

Article 127 HOT King

Article 128 Chamberlain The Man Who Would Be 'King'

Article 129 Chamberlain charms crowd at Louis Vuitton reception

Article 130 'King' wears crown with regal style

Article 131 'King and I' missing vital component

Article 132 The Girl He Will Never Forget

Article 133 23 Years After Dr. Kildare, Richard Chamberlain's Back In Practice

Article 134 Richard Chamberlain 'Once I wanted to die. Now I'm so in love with life'

Article 135 Chamberlain's '90s 'Lady'

Article 136 Richard Chamberlain - Beaten and Bruised

Article 137 Actor Won't Compete With Memories Of Role's Originator

Article 138 Heartthrob Richard Chamberlain has been living for some time in Hawaii. He still receives letters from Germany

Article 139 Richard Chamberlain Is he Hollywood's most puzzling star? (Part 1)

Article 140 Welcome To My Paradise!

Article 141 Richard Chamberlain Is he Hollywood's most puzzling star? (Part 2)

Article 142 Heartthrob Richard Chamberlain My Happy Life With A Man

Article 143 'Kildare' venturing back into showbiz

Article 144 Classic Actor Richard Chamberlain Talks Obama, New Film

Article 145 Actor Richard Chamberlain Discusses Latest Role In "Strength And Honor"

Article 146 The Legendary Elegance Of Richard Chamberlain

Article 147 Richard Chamberlain takes in "Spamalot" show

Article 148 Out, proud and happy: Richard Chamberlain embraces his inner goofball as King Arthur

Article 149 Spamalot Tour Welcomes Richard Chamberlain

Article 150 "Monty Python's Spamalot" makes a return visit to Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre

Article 151 Legendary actor wears king's crown in Broadway's "Spamalot"

Article 152 Richard Chamberlain returns in "Monty Python's Spamalot"

Article 153 Chamberlain Led "Spamalot" Tour Returns to Detroit's Fisher Theatre

Article 154 It's a cheap thriller - the original Bourne Identity is back

Article 155 Final three days for Richard Chamberlain's "Spamalot" fun

Article 156 The joke is on Richard Chamberlain's King Arthur in "Spamalot"

Article 157 "Spamalot" lifts spirits

Article 158 Spamalot Returns to Cleveland with Richard Chamberlain as King

Article 159 Environment is better off, Chamberlain says

Article 160 Monte Python inspiration: It's worth seeing twice

Article 161 "Spamalot" provides a knight of big laughs

Article 162 Watch for "Dr. Kildare" in Monty Python

Article 163 A Psychological Review of the book Shattered Love

Article 164 New Barrymore

Article 165 "Spamalot" Review

Article 166 "Spamalot" still silly, clever fun

Article 167 The silliest of sovereigns

Article 168 Veteran actor Richard Chamberlain coming to Cleveland with "Spamalot"

Article 169 It's good to be king of Palace comedy

Article 170 Instant vomit! The Thorn Birds author gives her damning verdict on the iconic TV series

Article 171 Women still cheer Richard Chamberlain, the star of "The Thorn Birds", who celebrated his 75th birthday

Article 172 "Spamalot" at Palace Theatre delivers for its fans

Article 173 CD Review: Dr. Kildare

Article 174 Wesley Eure of TV's "Land of the Lost" Comes Out

Article 175 Richard Chamberlain makes change that takes him from 'Hawaii' to 'Leverage,' indie film

Article 176 Classic Hollywood: Richard Chamberlain is as busy as ever

Article 177 Obsessive Love

Article 178 Forgive me Father... Thorn Birds star Richard Chamberlain wears some truly sinful clothes

Article 179 Ken Russell & Dr. Kildare Tackle Tchaikovsky

Article 180 Sibling Revelry

Article 181 Kildare Barred From Freeways

Article 182 A Test Of Love

Article 183 Lessons from troubled dad

Article 184 Alex Hyde-White dishes about his 'Three Days (of Hamlet)'

Article 185 Richard Chamberlain: the doctor is in at the Pasadena Playhouse

Article 186 "The Perfect Family" film review

Article 187 '60s heartthrob Richard Chamberlain makes rare stage appearance

Article 188 Coming (sometime) attraction

Article 189 The Heiress


Article 191 Chamberlain & Dumas

Article 192 King Richard